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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2009: Miss Venezuela Wins...Again

It's Venezuela's Night in the Bahamas!Sunday night the final telecast of the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant took place--live from the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Of course, being a pageant fan-- and a designer of many Miss Universe and Miss USA gowns--I watched. Since I had been at this amazing resort last November as part of the Islands Of The World Fashion Week, I was excited to see all the beauty of this amazing island nation.The favorites were the gorgeous "Noxema Clean" looking Miss Australia and Miss Dominican Republic, an exotic almost 6-foot-tall Creole beauty, who had previously won Miss World Dominican Republic. Miss Venezuela, a lovely 18 year old model made it into the Top 15 but she was not in many pageant watchers lists of who would win. Especially since last year's winner was also from Venezuela and the same country winning back-to-back had never happened in the history of the pageant.During the entire night, as one watched by the scores, it was a tough fight between Australia and Dominican Republic through the Swimsuit and Evening Gown Competitions. The gowns were pretty enough. Nothing mind-blowing or extraordinary. And no one fell! (remember the last two years?) I was happy to see a lack of CHA-CHA-showing slits (Thank you VERY MUCH!) or clear Lucite Stripper Heels (2nd Thank You!). Miss Venezuela was coming in 4th or third (if one followed the scores), then the interview portion came. And no one really answered their question in a "Give her the damn crown!" sort of way. Andre and his Louis Vuitton: One highlight was the DIVA Andre Leon Talley, from Vogue Magazine, who asked Miss Venezuela her question. I just wanted to know what kind of a private plane it took to get him there and how many TRUNKS of Louis Vuitton luggage he brought with him!But something occurred in that Atlantis Auditorium and ten minutes later, Miss Venezuela WON! Yes, Stefania Fernandez won. The first time ever a contestant from the same country as the outgoing title holder won! This is HUGE in the pageant world. Stefania was gorgeous and so "regal" the entire time. She is half Spanish (her father was born in the region of Galicia but emigrated over 40 years ago to Venezuela) and her mother is Venezuelan of Polish and Ukrainian descent (her mother's maiden name is Krupij Holojad). How "international"! Congrats chama! I'll save a seat for you at the dinner table at my studio for some Pabellon Criollo whenever you visit LA! Below is video of her crowning moment:

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vanemileo said...

Viva Venezuela!!!!! :D and the dress was gorgeous come on!!! :D:D:D Love my country!!! no the president! :D and I love you Nick... my fav!