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FIDM.....Tom Julian Book Signing at FIDM Museum Shop

Shrunken Jackets on Men? Pleated vs. Flat Front? Tuck In or Not Tuck In? Nick Asks the Questions on Every Man's (fashion) Lips...
Smile, your Handkerchief Scarf is Pressed: Nick Verreos smiles as author and writer Tom Julian signs his book photo courtesy of: John Sciulli, Berliner Studio
Last week, I was honored to have attended a book signing at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM's Galleries and Museum Shop. Nestled just off Grand Hope Park, on the street level of the FIDM Downtown LA Campus, the Museum Shop is one of those "little gems" one can find in Los Angeles. It's like a "Mini-me" of the Louvre's Les Arts Decoratifs Museum shop (which incidentally, I was just at three weeks ago in Paris!). Tim Gunn has had a book signing here and so has my fellow Season 2 Project Runway Alumn, Daniel Vosovic (I was in The Bahamas showing my Spring 2009 Collection at the time unfortunately). Last Thursday night, consumer trend expert (and Menswear connoisseur!) Tom Julian was on hand to sign his just-released Nordstrom Guide To Men's Style, the "definitive guide to dressing well". Before leaving my home, I had a "Style Panic":I must have pressed my shirt three times, spent thirty minutes choosing just the right tie, and even yelled at David to "press my silk pocket scarf", knowing I would be meeting the guy who wrote THE Guide to Men's Style! Hello!? I decided on a shrunken Top Shop Blazer, my skinny jeans, YSL "Johnny Boots" and a Marc Jacobs tie (label dropper, I know!). Of course, the first thing I blurted out to Tom was "I know that I may be too old to be trying to 'work' the shrunken-jacket and-skinny-jean-look...but oh well..."
Contemporary vs. Classic: Nick Verreos and Tom Julian, FIDM Museum Shop Book Signing photo courtesy of: John Sciulli, Berliner Studio

Tom Julian could not have been any sweeter. In fact, he immediately pointed out that I was the "Contemporary" version of a Menswear Look and he was the "Classic" (according to his book). He then continued, saying that my look "worked". Well, he got ten "Nick points" for that! The book is filled with SO MUCH information: How to select the right accessories; the best fit; how any man can assemble the perfect wardrobe; even how to get stains out of a shirt--as well as the proper way of ironing one.Dear Nick...Love that Top Shop Jacket: Author Tom Julian at his book signing, FIDM Museum Shop photo courtesy of: John Sciulli, Berliner Studio
The wonderful Bottega Louie of Downtown LA, a fabulous semi-new eatery (I call it the Dean and Delucca of LA!) , catered the event. I almost could not keep my eyes--and mouth away from the food--until I realized that my shrunken Top Shop jacket was about to snap! And that would not be a good thing--especially in front of Tom Julian! I quickly had to say my "goodbye's" and head off to another event, with the knowledge that the man who had written the definitive Nordstrom Guide To Men's Style had said that my outfit kind of "worked". Thank you Tom!

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