Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Model CRAZY!You're IN! Nick Verreos and Heidi Klum Who loves models? I do! And that's why I love me some Modelinia, the website devoted to and about "everything and anything" models. Their tag line is Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle: All Models, All the Time. Sounds like a "Nick Website" to me! Model Hug: Nick Verreos and Marissa Miller As a designer, I worship and live for models. They are my muses and they make my designs and sketches come to life! I was so lucky back in Season 2 of Project Runway to have been given the gorgeous Tarah Rodgers as my model. She was such an inspiration during those grueling weeks. Pink Beauty: Nick Verreos and Erin Wasson And because of all the different red carpet and style video blogs I have done, especially as one of the Glam Squad for MSN.com's Style Studio, I have now become a part of the "I love Victoria's Secret Supermodels" club. Besides my ultimate Supermodel Goddess Heidi Klum, I just can't get enough of Marissa Miller and Erin Wasson. The Modelinia website has videos of Isaac Mizrahi muse and former Tim Gunn Guide To Style co-host and partner-in-crime Veronica Webb doing a "high heel workout", video interviews with model "God" John Casablancas and hair Guru, Garren ( you know you are a DIVA when you are known with just ONE NAME!), as well as "Beauty Secrets" from all the top models. Click HERE for more videos and all the Model Madness!


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