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DESIIIIIIGNEEEERS: Meet the Army Wives Lifetime Prom Date: Andrae Gonzalo and Nick Verreos pose at the Lifetime LA Offices Well kids, Project Runway is FINALLY BACK!!!! And not a moment too soon, because if I had to be forced to watch that awful "The Fashion Show" one more time, I would have SCREAMED!! Last night was the Premiere of Season 6 on its new "home", the Lifetime Network. For months--over a year now--everyone has been speculating how the new Project Runway would be. Would it change, be more "Lifetime-esque"? The LA-haters saying "I can't believe it's not in NY!!! Boo hoo...." And because its new producers, Bunin-Murray, are known for more tawdry and brain-cell numbing shows such as "The Real World", there were "web rumors" in the bloggersphere that there would be hot tubs for the designers to get drunk in after the challenges. Relax, it's all GOOD!!! The show looks the same, just as fabulous, and with no hot tub (yet!). Just good ol' Tim giving "fatherly" advice and Miss Heidi smiling and as pretty as she could be. Nick Verreos' Season 6 Project Runway Blog on Lifetime has asked me to write the recaps for this season on their official website, My Season 2 cohort, Andrae Gonzalo and I were invited earlier this week to "preview" the first episode in a secret location with a soundproof conference room (OK, I'm just being dramatic!). We had a blast, as you may imagine. Let's just say there were lots of loud "Oh no they didn't!" comments that could be heard from that secret "Viewing Room". Hope you enjoy my recap and be sure to leave your comments and thoughts! Check out my First Episode Recap entitled "For The Love of Bai Ling!" HERE

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Aiden McKenna said...
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Aiden McKenna said...

What happened to Andrae?! o_O

Giovanna said...

That's awesome! I'll definitely read your blog on My lifetime too!