Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Say "Hipster Cheese" for Nick: John Wade (in Marc Jacobs of course) and Joey Maalouf of The Rachael Zoe Project Last weekend, I went out with two of my favorite people, "Hipster Romeo and Juliet": My best "bud" (did I just say that?) John Wade (loving the new look!), and Joey Maalouf, who you might recognize as stylist Rachel Zoe's hair and make-up artist from The Rachel Zoe Project (it's Joeeeeyyyyyyy!!!). John has a fabulous new pied-de-terre in West Hollywood, so I had to invite myself to check it out. Afterward, we dined at one of our favorite nearby restaurants Marix Tex-Mex (the boys actually ate FOOD!!!) and gossiped at Obar. Fun times with these two LA Fashionistas! (they'll hate me for calling them that!)


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