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NICK APPEARANCES....."A Night of Emotion" Event, LA Dogworks

Vampires Like Dogs...Orange Carpet: Nick Verreos at the LA Dogworks "A Night of Emotion" event Yes, it's orange. But it's still a "red carpet". Last week, before my trip to Orange County to attend and judge Style Week OC, I was invited to "A Night of Emotion", an event benefiting Good Dog Animal Rescue as well as to raise awareness for the National Service Dogs Foundation and Fidelco Guide Dogs Foundation. Not Benny: Rita and Nick Verreos hold a Chihuahua puppy at the LA Dogworks "A Night of Emotion" event As some of you may know, I own a beautiful Dachshund/King Charles mixed dog whom David and I rescued over a year ago, so ever since, I have become a "Dog Poppa" as well as a big supporter of all things canine. LA Dogworks is a fabulous "Doggy Hotel"/Kennel where we leave Benny when we have to go out of town (insert "sad face" here) and the location of this "orange carpet" event.Sisterly Love: Rita Verreos in ivory and printed silk charmeuse NIKOLAKI dress, LA Dogworks "A Night of Emotion" event I didn't bring Benny so instead I brought my sister, Rita Verreos, who had been visiting in Los Angeles while filming a pageant runway coaching video (she coaches pageant girls by the way). She came over to my studio and of course I let her borrow a little NIKOLAKI cocktail dress for the occasion. I showed my sister where Benny stays while we are away and we enjoyed some delicious Joe's Pizza slices as we surveyed items up for auction. Dog-Loving Couple: Actors Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin from HBO's "True Blood" I spotted Stephen Moyer and his fellow "True Blood" actress Anna Paquin. Aren't they engaged? I wanted to say "Hello" to Anna and commend her on how pretty she looked but it was a "No-Can-Do" situation: She was either holding on to Stephen for dear life and looking frazzled, or she was surrounded by too many people. I didn't want to be an added bother, as they say.Nick Verreos and stylists George Blodwell, LA Dogworks "A Night of Emotion" event I did get to hang out with stylist George Blodwell (clients include Bill Maher, Helen Mirren), who was looking very dapper as always. The event was great and I'm glad to have attended for such a good cause. I think my Benny would have enjoyed it though. Maybe next time!

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