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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 6 Project Runway Recaps: Episode Five

A "Headline" Making Episode! Last night was Episode 5 of Season 6 Project Runway and boy was it a doozy! As a viewer, I love these make-a-dress-out-of-car-parts-and-flowers-and the kitchen sink- Challenges; they are exactly why the fans tune in to Project Runway. But as an actual participant, not so much. When Tim Gunn brought us to the Flower District, back in Season 2, to tell us we had to make dresses out of flowers, I was like "Oh Hellllllsssssss No!!!" For this episode, the remaining designers had to make an outfit using newspapers. There was drama, lying, bitchy designer dissing and best of all, lots of great designs. My Faves Award goes to: -Irina : Of course! That trench was FABUUUUULOUS!!!! -Louise : Why does Louise keep getting stuck in the "middle"? I just don't get it. Week after week, she is consistently great! -Logan: His design was sexy and very young Hollywood "It" girl. Not to mention HOW CUTE IS LOGAN??? He just needs to drink more Red Bull and put a "pep into his energy and personality" step. Not My Faves Awards go to: -"Boris and Natasha" Nicolas: His bitchy commentary is more amusing than his creations. -Johnny: Liar liar pants on fire...oh but I would have loved to have seen his Hitchcockian Bleeding Birds dress. My "Oh Snap!" Award Goes to: Tim Gunn Tim's soliloquy at the end of last night's episode was PRICELESS!!!!! He did not hide his contempt for poor little Johnny and his Burning Man beaded necklaces. Click HERE to read my entire Recap of Episode Five on and be sure to tell me what you thought and leave your comments!

3 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 6 Project Runway Recaps: Episode Five"

Anonymous said...

Why was Tim's "soliloquy" so cool? I thought it was vile and reprehensible on his part. Far worse atrocities, like Nicolas' classless and despicable behavior, have passed on the runway without Tim stooping to such a low level. Also, a soliloquy is when a character speaks their inner thoughts to an audience while alone- not to a group of heartless designers relishing the pain of another's cruel dismissal on reality TV.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the inner teacher in Tim came out. Good teachers often have a low tolerance policy for cheating. Being it poisons the whole well. If Tim didn't call out Johnny's behavior in the harshest terms, how would that look to the other designers, to the little kids, future designers of America who are watching? It's like Barry Bonds getting a pass for 'juicing.' If you don't want cheaters getting called out and verbally eviscerated ... I think that reflects on you.

Anonymous said...

Where was cheating involved here? As far as i saw Johnny sought not to cheat at all, but to save face. There was no stealing of ideas, or backstabbing involved. He was never in contention to win that challenge, so there was no advantage to be gained, and no rules were broken. This is not an instance of cheating. Tim Gunn overreacted and there's no excuse for it. Shame on Tim and anyone who supports his offensive and unprofessional tirade and his unnecessarily cold dismissal of a contestant who had to overcome a lot to be there.