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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 6 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 4

What did we learn from last night's Project Runway Episode? A) It was full of colorful fashion:-Ra'mon's fantastic (one of my favorites) royal blue over-sized boutonniere mini-dress -Christopher's apple green pleated dress -Logan's Smurf Blue prom dress B) We like more of "Logan, The Project Runway Centerfold":C) Bring stylist Jen Rade back for more Logan flirting--and very insightful commentary (she's Michael Kors 2.0) D) Black is Boring...unless Louise Black gets to it! (also one of my favorites) E) And finally, it's good when Epperson talks--he makes nice sexy Tiger-influenced dresses!Stalking Her Prey: Model Natar in Epperson's dress Click HERE to read my RECAP of Episode 4 on be sure to let me know what YOU thought!

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Anonymous said...

btw her name is matar, not natar