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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 6 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 3

Surf And Turf Last night's Project Runway episode was a bit of a mess, to be quite honest. Some things made sense, some did not. The design-a-surf-wear look challenge made sense, since after all, they are in Southern California. But then, they had to make a "corresponding" Avant-Garde look? What do Avant-Garde and PacSun have in common? Not too much. And this mish-mash of an episode was displayed on the runway with some good outfits and some really bad ones. Tim Gunn's Flip Flops! There were even some bad looks which had good elements and vice versa. But no design that would make fans and viewers alike scream "That is going down in the Project Runway Hall Of Fame"! Well, maybe the LOSER'S HALL OF FAME!...... Did Nicolas and Gordana design these? Romania's threesome entry in the Eurovision Contest (left) with its missing fourth member (right, from last night's episode) My Highlights (and "lowlights") from last night's episode: -Tim in flip flops (Oh Dear!) -Epperson actually speaks! -Mitchell = Useless -Logan and Christopher's "Drunk Laguna Beach Housewife" floppy hat outfit -Boris and Natasha's Eurovision Contest costume (see above) Check out my recap "Surf and (Not So Avant-Garde) Turf" HERE on under "Nick's Blog" for what I REALLY thought of the episode...

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