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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Note to all Sexy Warsaw Poland Office Workers

OK, so Friday morning rolled around (the day after Project Runway) and as it has become my custom, I have my big cup of coffee, sit down and get on the internets. For all these months, I LOVE reading the crazy Gawker/Defamer "Project Runway Recaps". I also secretly (I know I am coming out of the closet!) read their other recaps for the ridiculous Housewives of (fill in the city) and MTV's The Hills and The City whenever I feel like laughing out loud. I just like to read them to reassure myself that I'm not the ONLY one who thinks my brain cells are depleting when I'm watching those Housewives and MTV shows. But I digress... This last Friday, I avoided them. I was afraid of the "Nick Verreos is NOOOOO Michael Kors" talk. But to my glee-fulness (is that a word?), someone sent me the link and told me the kind words the Recap said: "Things We Loved:
  • Nick Verreos: What a delightful surprise! Nick was kicked off way too early in season two and was one of the most talented and likeable designers in Runway history, and he filled in for Ms. Kors last night. Rather than a shrill, orange gay in a dumpy outfit, we got a witty, naturally olive gay in a dapper ensemble and it made us weep nostalic tears of joy. We're starting a campaign right now: for the upcoming L.A. seasons, replace Ms. Kors with Mr. Verreos. He's smart, knowledgeable, funny, and he knows exactly what the designers are going through on the show. He may not have the name recognition of Michael Kors, who is well know to all TJ Maxx shoppers the world over, but all the Runway diehards know who he is, and that will go a long way toward making us kinda sorta deal with this Lifetime b*******."
Awwww, I just clutched my pearls! Thank you Gawker Recap Writer. Please send any "We Want Nick To Judge Some More Petitions" to for that matter :) To Read their entire Gawker Recap click HERE -------------------------------------------------------- And to my Angry Polish Bretheren: Pencil Pusher: Gordana's Look I hear that you are a bit miffed at my "She looks like an office Worker from Warsaw Poland" comment regarding Gordana Gelhausen's sad grey suit look. Sorry I wasn't specific enough, I meant to say "From pre-Cold War Communist Warsaw Poland..." You see in TV land, you must be brief with your comments. I Need Your Communist Badge Number please: A Uniform from Eastern Europe I didn't mean to be disrespectful to office workers in Warsaw Poland--it was a joke kiddies. I am sure that there are A LOT of sexy, glamorous and beautiful office workers in Warsaw Poland--and I am sure I will hear from them! You can go ahead and say that all Greek and Venezuelan office workers look sad and gray--and I won't take it personally. And as Santino Rice so eloquently put it: "Lighten Up It's Just Fashion!"

4 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Note to all Sexy Warsaw Poland Office Workers"

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nick. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify your original comment. Indeed, Communist Poland is exactly that: drab, conformist and depressive. I'd like to think we had come a long way and thanks again for acknowledging that. Hugs and much respect from your Polish comrades. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors in the rag trade and beyond, classy man :)

Tina said...

HAHA love the Santino reference, Nick!! Ahh, how I miss season 2 and all it's fabulousness and talent. D;

dadada said...

You know what's sad?

Those Polish uniforms are more fabulous than Gordana's drab effort. (and I love Gordana)

Seriously, look at those stylish berets!

Anonymous said...

Aw, cool move Nick :) Thanks for sharing your viewpoint and 'splaining. You handled the situation like a true gentleman.