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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Macy's Appearance, Irvine Spectrum Center

Next at Macy's : The Nick Verreos Comedy and Fashion Show Hour! Can't Stop Talking: Nick Verreos with model Lauren Gish at Macy's In-Store Appearance, Irvine Spectrum Center As part of of the Style Week Orange County calendar, I was invited to do an in-store appearance at Macy's in the Irvine Spectrum. So, last Saturday, a day after my judging duties for the Needle and Thread Competition, I left my INCREDIBLE Pelican Hills Resort Bungalow and packed up 6 of my NIKOLAKI gowns and threw on my Kelly green Levi's Matchstick jeans (gotta bring color to the OC!) and was ready to go!In Store: The scene at Macy's Spectrum Center, Nick Verreos In-Store Appearance At Macy's , I was excited to meet the lovely models LA Models had provided me for my NIKOLAKI mini-trunk show: The serenely beautiful Lauren Gish and the exotic Jazmine, who was of Persian-Brazilian descent. Side note: Is there any other profession you could be when you have such an exotic mix?! David Paul--my NIKOLAKI co-designer-- came with me and helped set up, steam and make sure our gowns looked their best. I laughed when I saw where I would be speaking: The Michael Kors section. Oh how fun! Michael, Jazmine and Nick: Nick Verreos with model Jazmine at the Michael Kors Department, Macy's Irvine Spectrum Center It was standing-room-only for my "Nick Macy's Show". I spoke for over an hour about my career as a fashion designer and my 15 years in the industry. I spoke about my early inspirations (Pan Am flight attendants and Miss Venezuela) as well as how I went from studying International Relations at UCLA to graduating Suma Cum Laude from FIDM. Black Column: Model Lauren in NIKOLAKI sequin one shoulder gown In between , I showed various gowns from my collection, including the gown Dancing With The Stars co-host Samantha Harris wore on the show. I think the audience enjoyed their time because they asked LOTS of questions and looked very interested (was Macy's giving out free Martini's?) I was just happy no one fell asleep! One of the the best moments was when one of the attendees asked if I ever thought of being a comedian? I didn't even know what to say, other than I was flattered and just told her that I didn't mean to be funny. She didn't budge: "No really", she added "you really should do a stand-up show!". Thanks darling, but I'll stick to fashion design--I have enough jobs already to add "Comedian" to my resume. Look at these Sequins: Nick Verreos shows detail of gown to the Macy's audience Afterward, Macy's gave out some great shopping gift certificates and everyone seemed to be very happy. I also took more photos with everyone who took time out of their Saturday shopping to come and see me--and my NIKOLAKI gowns. All in all, it was a very successful in-store appearance and I was happy to end my Orange County "Fashion Weekend" on such a good note!

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