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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 6 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 8

Beer Bust, Cher and Divorcees?Yeah, it's Project Runway--what else would it be? This episode started out with the "Oh no, not ANOTHER re-hashed Wedding Dress" Challenge but with the flash of a "Heidi Klum Smile", it took an unexpected--and delightful design U-turn. The challenge was to re-create a divorcee's old (and rather tacky) wedding dress and turn it into a fashionable new look. As usual, some succeeded and some did not. But it wouldn't be Project Runway without the train wrecks now would it? The Highlights:--Stuck on Oktoberfest: What happened this week? Logan AND Epperson went to Oktoberfest Land. There was a lot of Bavaria going on and Heidi spotted it like a German Hawk! Feathers: Cher in her Bob Mackie-designed Native American Costume --Shirin Almost Had a Cher Moment: Her client wanted Cher, but my Persian Princess Shirin Askari decided to nix the peacock feathers and do some Trapunto-like stitching instead--and it worked out. The judges loved it. But part of me still wished to see a Native American Cher a la Bob Mackie. Christopher Straub's Divorcee design reminded me of... Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2007 --I'm afraid for Christopher Straub: I give him props for being "self taught", but his design aesthetic seems to be faultering unfortunately. I didn't necessarily love his Bustle Prom Dress with a Back Bib (Costume Challenge), then he had that dress Michael Kors called a "Disco Pumpkin" (Macy's INC Challenge) and now a Hefty bag tied at the waist? The design did remind me of Dolce and Gabbana Fall '07, from THREE years ago! But I still really like him. I'm a sucker for the tears. --I loved Carol Hannah Whitfield's and what she did to that tulle, but yes, Gordana Gelhausen rocked it this week! To read what I REALLY THOUGHT, Click HERE to read my entire Episode 7 Recap, and make sure to tell me what YOU thought!

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