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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Season 6 Recaps: Episode 9

Bob Mackie + Christina Aguilera= More Sequins and Feathers!!!Really, who could ask for anything more...out of Project Runway? This week's challenge was to create a FABUUUULOUS stage look for none other than Christina Aguilera. And "Sequin Zeus" himself, Bob Mackie was there to not just introduce the challenge, but also judge the results.Lady Aguilera: Christina Aguilera in her "Lady Marmalade" period The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Galleries and Museum was also one of the "stars" of this episode. I am so lucky to not just be an instructor at FIDM but also be their Spokesperson for many reasons including their one-of-a-kind Museum and Galleries.The FIDM Galleries and Museum is renown for its extensive archive of period costumes, Haute Couture as well as movie and stage costumes. And for over a decade now, their annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design and Art of Television Costume Design Exhibitions have been a must-see for all fashion and costume design aficionados. This challenge was a chance for the eight remaining designers to show if they could "Queen Out". Some did and some, not so much. If I have one complaint, it is: A lack of color! Why so somber kids? Lots of black, navy and dark dark dark. They're in Southern California for goodness sakes! You'd think that there would be a bubble gum pink or a lipstick red somewhere in the bunch! Highlights:--Bob Mackie. Period. Diva. I wanted Carol Burnett to peek out from the FIDM Museum in his iconic Gone With The Wind drapes-on-the-window costume. --Christina Aquilera and the fact that she wore COLOR!!!!!! (take note Project Runway Season 6 kids!)Tanisha...... and The Supremes: Althea's Model and her look and Diana Ross and The Supremes (in Bob Mackie) --Althea's Sequined gown with a fishtail hem: Very Diana Ross and The Supremes. --Of course Carol Hannah's winning feathered and satin gown. I would have loved some color, but it did look elegant and stage-worthy. And model Lisa Blades looked like a 1940s Hollywood actress in it. Let down of the week: The Pussycat Dolls Road Tour Manager probably wants to call... Christopher-- to design their Branson Missouri Performance Costumes --Oh Christopher, poor Christopher and his Lady Marmalade-meets-Pussycat Dolls hoochie cheap sequined fabric shorts. At least it looks like he matched the sequin "stripes" but the elastic garter belt around the thigh didn't help. Click HERE for my full recap of this episode on, and remember to let me know what YOU thought!

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MoHub said...

As I watched the runway, only one thought ran through my mind:

"Where's the curtain rod?"