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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 6 Project Runway Recaps: Inspiration Challenge

Greek Goddesses? Santa Fe Turquoise Shop Owners? and Carole Cook Fantasies? This week's Project Runway episode was all about the Michael Kors Inspiration Challenge. Surprisingly, he was there and not via SKYPE (let's take a moment for the fans to rejoice!). They were to design a look based on a fabulous locale. The whole time I kept thinking "Boy, I would have LOOOOVED this challenge!".Mykonos: My Season 2 Inspiration--for the entire show! The Highlights (and or low-lights) of this Episode: --Michael Kors: I can only imagine the sales associates at his Rodeo Drive Flagship, shaking in their cashmere Michael Kors turtlenecks when they found out that THE BOSS would be in the store. --Christopher's Santa Fe ensemble: She looked like a waitress at the local Santa Fe Sizzler--or the proprietor of the local Trading Post.At least Christopher Straub's waitress at the Santa Fe Sizzler outfit didn't look like: This...Or then again, maybe it should have! --Carol Hannah Whitfield's leaf print Palm Beach look was Easy Breezy and perfect for the Palm Beach "it" girl. I still would have loved her more if she would have gone the whole Carole Cook Caftan route! This Is What I'm Talking About! (Love ya Carole Cook!) --Nicolas' Delusions of Greece: I love me some Nicolas but Lord knows what country he was thinking about, but it wasn't Greece. NIKOLAKI Spring 2008: This ivory silk jersey one-shoulder dress above is Grecian-inspired, however...This grey and white pant look above, is not. But not to worry, Nicolas Putvinski may have been "Auf'ed" by Miss Heidi, but he's done very good for himself afterward. In fact, Nicolas was part of the Behind The Dress Designer Challenge in which designers from across the country were asked to design a gown to be worn by the Trophy Girl at the Academy Awards back in January of this year. Nicolas Putvinski and his Oscar Challenge design He did a beautiful job and in fact, when I hosted that web-show, he secretly told me how he was on the new season. I promised to keep my "Uncle Nick" mouth shut! And I kept my promise. He was very proud of his gown for the Oscars Challenge and with his performance on the show. If only he didn't have to wait a YEAR to see it, was his main complaint (I hear ya Nicolas!). Click HERE to read my entire Recap for, and make sure to leave your thoughts! I may get some angry emails from Ukrainian Arms Dealer Trophy Wives and Santa Fe Store Owners...

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