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RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Fashion Week: Lanvin, Viktor & Rolf S/S 2010

Tulle Explosion, Draped Leather: Bonjour Paris!Where's My Drink: Looking serious but fabulous, Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010 More from the European Collections...via my Downtown LA studio (he he!). I scout the web and bring it back to you (see, I'm really nice!). In my last post, I showed you some of the collections from Milan Fashion Week, including Dolce and Gabbana and Versace. Now, we have taken the "imaginary web train" from Milan to Paris. Here two of my favorite collections from Paris Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Week. Lanvin: Draped Leather: A look from Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010 According to Sarah Mower, of, Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz, blew the runway house down, with this collection. It started off slow, with black (not so Spring/Summer looking) dresses which didn't seem so different than what we have "come to know and love" in regards to the House of Lanvin; in essence, variations of what you can already see at the Lanvin department in Barneys NY. Lanvin Asymmetrical Goddess: A look from Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010 However, as the collection continued, it progressed into a full blown symphony of some of the most glorious looks that Elbaz has created. Lots of incredible asymmetrical drapes, folds and tucks that would make a patternmaker blush with technical joy! Liza With A "Z": A beaded jumpsuit from Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010 There was one black leather dress that was draped and tucked as if it was silk charmeuse! Lanvin ended with an explosion of multi-colored sequins worthy of a Liza Minelli tribute concert (love those beaded jumpsuits!) After watching the runway video, I only wish I was there to witness such a "Fashion Moment". Click BELOW for Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010 Runway Video: Viktor and Rolf: How Will I Sit In My Limo: Viktor and Rolf Spring/Summer 2010 Oh Lordy!!! Speaking of "fashion moments": I just took a look at the latest Spring/Summer Collection from Viktor and Rolf and I had a grin so large that nothing could take it away. I also found myself exclaiming "Go on Viktor and Rolf, WORK IT OUT!!!!!!" loud and by myself, as I watched their runway video. It was, in three words "A Tulle Explosion". Who Ate The Tulle: Viktor and Rolf Spring Summer 2010 Tulle suits, tulle cocktail dresses and gowns with shirred, chopped up, out of control netting that seemed to defy gravity. Holes were cut out of tulle gowns as if a Haute Couture bullet had gone right through them--or a starving fashionista had taken hold! Other gowns were propped up by inner structures that supported the yards and yards of gathered tulle to create incredible silhouettes. The entire show looked EXPENSIVE--all that fabric, all that beading, the staging, the hiring of Roisin Murphy to sing at their show. I kept thinking how I rarely even see Viktor and Rolf clothing at stores (and I shop A LOT!), so how are they affording to stage such grand events? (I'm jealous!) Defying Gravity: Viktor and Rolf Spring/Summer 2010 But then, I remembered: The Viktor and Rolf perfume! Oh yes, launching a fragrance can help a lot! I don't know who in the world will wear these frothy concoctions; other than the models in the Spring/Summer magazines we will see on newsstands in three months. But I doubt that is what the designers are concerning themselves with. I'm sure back at the Viktor and Rolf Showroom, and in their boutique, you will see something totally different and much more wearable, as it is always the case. This was a show to inspire and make rich Dubai women and fashion editors squeal with joy. Click BELOW for the Viktor and Rolf Spring/Summer 2010 Runway Video:

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