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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 6 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 7

What Does THIS:And THIS: Have To Do With THIS?(The Dress is Bad Enough but...What are Those Shoes??) Read On Kiddies: Another week, another Project Runway episode. This week's team challenge was to design looks entirely in blue (Ummm, OK), for the Macy's in-house brand INC, International Concepts. OK, so this was going to be an hour-long commercial for Macy's and INC, no surprise there. Listen Girl! Discussing Santino's vision during our Banana Republic Challenge They do this every season--remember back in mine, it was Banana Republic (God, I hate these Team Challenges, it brings back stomach-turning memories!). As you can tell--even from the photo above--I was not trying to have it, hear it, or even deal with it (look at that limp wrist!) when I was Santino's "schlepper", I mean co-designer during our team challenge. Split At Birth: Christopher's Design and Ronald McDonald Highlights from Last Night: --Irina is the new Nicolas: Bitch One meet Bitch Two. --Christopher and Epperson are in LOVE: Their workroom love fest ended all too quickly as Michael Kors SHUT it DOWN! --Michael Kors Must Have Not Had A Good NY-LA flight: We love Ms. Kors' zingers! You know he must have NOT had a good First Class flight 'cause when he arrived on the set, he was READY TO GO OFF!!!! --Clown Muse: The Ronald McDonald Clown does not make for a good muse Christopher. --Downtown LA Loofah Dress, Available from How did Louise's loofah from her apartment shower end up on her dress? Click HERE to read my entire Recap on the website--and be sure to tell me what you thought--don't be shy!

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steve mehallo said...

Kors really was off. He looked like he swallowed something really heavy. I like Christopher's work, but ... yeah. Interesting week. And INC, SUCH a Macy's brand. :P