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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Season 6 Finale Party

...Well, not really, I was Invited! NYC Project Runway Finale Party: Logan Neitzel, Irina Shabayeva and Nick Verreos at Tenjune I am finally back home in Los Angeles--after traveling across the country for the last five days. First I went to Miami to shoot a LIVE Despierta America (the Spanish-language "Good Morning America") fashion segment for Sears, and then headed off to NYC for the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (more on both those trips in later posts). Since I am in a Project Runway "mood" (make sure to check out my final recap for this season), I wanted to show you guys all the great photos I took (well, thank my trusty partner and "Nick Verreos Blog" staff photographer, David Paul for that!) at Irina Shabayeva's After Party celebrating being the Season 6 Winner of Project Runway. Uncle Nick and his Angels: Finalists Carol Hannah and Althea pose with Nick Verreos @ Tenjune The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was on the same night as the Finale of Project Runway but of course, I wanted to come by and celebrate Irina's win. At around midnight, after finishing my "OMG, look at how gorgeous Marissa Miller and Chanel Iman look!" Livestream shoot for and saying my Goodbye's to Heidi Klum, I headed for Tenjune, the hot Meatpacking nightclub located beneath the luxury steakhouse STK, the location of Irina's celebratory After Party.Hearts around my Head: Logan Neitzel and Nick Verreos at Tenjune I immediately spotted Irina, who was holding court in the back of the nightclub, and congratulated her with a big hug and an "Uncle Nick" scream. She was all smiles, finally thankful that it was all over. I also ran into everyone's boyfriend, cutie Logan Neitzel. If Project Runway ever had a Hottie Calendar, he would be the cover model, shirtless and with those silver skinny jeans of his (sorry Logan!). Nick Verreos and Season 6 designer Epperson at Tenjune Logan recently moved all the way from Seattle to NYC and is setting up shop with Carol Hannah and Epperson, from what I hear. Sounds like a "Season Six Commune" to me--and a possible new Lifetime Show (Note to self: Contact Lifetime Execs). Speaking of Carol Hannah, she was also there as well as Finalist Althea Harper (she's so tall!) and I even got to say "Hello" to Epperson, who was very "Sporty Elegant" in blazer, blue dress shirt and sweater with an over-the-shoulder leather messenger bag (yes, I don't miss the details!). Model Happy: Nick Verreos and Season 6 Winning Model Kalyn Hemphill Finally, I was happy to meet Irina's winning model from Models of The Runway, the lovely Kalyn. She was wearing a pretty red dress (Irina's design, of course). I had a lot of fun and I'm very thankful to Irina for inviting me. The bonus was seeing everyone else who was also there and were so generous with their super-kind words of support for me. Part of me did feel like a "Project Runway Grandpa" amongst all of them (I was the ONLY Project Runway Alumn there!) but I will gladly take that crown.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why some "designers" make all those mean spirited comments on tv against their peers. Is there no professional courtesy in your world? I understand the idea of constructive criticism, but nothing what you said as a judge on the show was constructive. Was your appearance directed to educate the contestants or to built up your ego?

Nick Verreos said...

Hello Anonymous,
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment. I am sorry you took offense to the comments I made during my appearance as a judge on Project Runway.
As an educator for the last 8 years, I have mentored hundreds and thousands of young designers and many have gone on to have amazing careers. I will be unapologetic in saying that I have helped many of those students achieve their dreams.
I have also been in close contact with both Logan and Gordana and they have told me personally that I am not only a friend but a mentor. They are not offended by my comments.
I wonder if you might be a young designer or student yourself. If so, I hope you understand that the fashion industry is an incredibly hard business and one must understand that you must let comments like the ones I made on PR "roll off your back", just as I will not take offense to you calling me a "designer".
Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you were able to read the post about my favorite designs from the 3 finalists! They all did some amazing work.
All my best,
"Uncle Nick"

Anonymous said...

Nick, I'm confused. You mentioned that you were not offended by the previous poster when he called you a designer. I thought you were a designer. What's up with that?