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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World "World Designer Awards and Fashion Show" Recap

Rating the Gowns at the "World Designer Awards and Fashion Show" at Miss World 2009 The 59Th annual Miss World beauty pageant--the "biggest one of them all" , at least in amount of contestants: 112 !!! (Miss Universe had "only" 84)--is occurring in Johannesburg, South Africa. The final live telecast is not until December 12Th but already lots of pre-final events are happening as we speak (or as I type), including the Miss World Sports (who's the best in sports), Miss World Talent (who performs the best), Miss World Beach Beauty (who looks best in swimsuit) and Miss World Top Model (who best models on the runway). That is a lot of Pageant Craziness!!! In addition to these, there was also a World Dress Designer Fashion Show and Award which happened last week in Turbine Hall, Johannesburg. Miss Sierra Leone (and her gown) took the Grand Prize--followed by Miss South Africa and Miss Jamaica (see above). After looking at some of these gowns, you KNOW "Pageant Nicky" had to give his two cents: The Winner (of the World Designer Award") was... Miss Sierra Leone, with an interesting fitted gown which was one of my favorites. It fit beautifully, looked well-made, modern, elegant and had DRAMA. But yet, I couldn't help but think "Gosh, it reminds me so much of....Rami Kashou's gown from his Project Runway Finale Collection". It was very similar: The shape and especially, the ruffled shoulder Caplet piece. I'm not implying that it was a copy, I just found the similarities interesting. Miss Sierra Leone deserved the win and I thought it was a great dress.Now that wasn't the only similarity I noticed from the photos of this Miss World Dress Designer Award Fashion Show: Miss Japan wore a royal blue gown that looked a lot like the one...worn by last year's Miss World, Ksenia Sukhinova from Russia. The same bust and torso shirring, beaded halter neck detail and the same cheesy "car wash" effect. I love the color and the be-jeweled neck accent but THAT car-wash bottom part is SO 1994! Besides the above "copy cat", there were some beautiful gowns at the Miss World Designer Award and Fashion Show. One of my favorites was this Grecian Goddess (quelle surprise!) apple green gown (above) worn by Miss New Zealand. I was just happy that she wasn't showing distracting cleavage, a high (I shaved my ENTIRE leg) slit or wearing those AWFUL clear Lucite Stripper Heels. Another stunner was Miss Guatemala, who wore an elegant, red carpet worthy tulle, organza and gold strapless gown down the runway. She looked perfect. Her hair was clean and modern and her accessories were simple yet chic. Somebody is coaching her right! Loved her!Peacock Crazy: For some reason, there were lots of peacock feathers at this Miss World Dress Designer runway show. Case in point: Above, we see Miss Cote D'Ivoire (that's Ivory Coast for non-francophiles) and she wasn't the only one...Miss Guyana was also featuring some peacock feathers worthy of a Shirin-from-Season-Six-Project-Runway dress. I didn't know that there was a Michaels Arts and Crafts store in Guyana?! Now I do.Boobies and a High Slit: A Big No-No, in my book. Miss Angola is very beautiful but really? I can just hear the designer now: "It's going to be PLUNGING up there and OPEN down here!" This is not the red carpet for the Las Vegas Stripper Convention, it's Miss World! Time to add a little bit of class. Is that too much to ask?Another mess was Miss Latvia. You gotta love those girls from Eastern Europe. Why do I just feel like they would be great girlfriends to bring to a Gay Bar? They always bring some of the "Gown Crazy" at these international pageants. This canary yellow polyester satin (the puckering in those seams tell me that is NOT silk!) gown with "peek-a-boo" black bust cups is just...well, best left for the Best Drag Queen in Latvia Pageant. And I'm sure it would be FABULOUS!!!But the winner of the worst dress at the Miss World Designer Dress Fashion Show was this pouffy gown seen here on Miss Germany. Bless her heart. She either A) Has no fashion sense. Or B) made her designer really mad! She's so cute and demure but this is a HOT PROM MESS. I would have rather seen her in an Oktoberfest Dirndl! Heidi Klum: We need you! Until next time kiddies... "Pageant Nick" will continue to be on the lookout for all the Best and WORST Pageant Fashion!

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