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NICK APPEARANCES.....Heidi Klum Halloween Party 2009: RECAP

Jai Ho! Happy Halloween From Heidi's Halloween Bash!Namaste Modelinia: Nick Verreos covering Heidi Klum's Halloween for Oh boy oh boy, last night was Halloween (I'm still trying to remove the black eyeliner from my eyes!). I was asked to do red carpet "coverage" at Heidi Klum's Halloween Party for the model website, The party was being held at the newly opened West Hollywood nightclub Voyeur and sponsored by MSN and Sky Vodka. Fun Fact: Voyeur used to be a club called Peanuts as well as Illusions, where you would see the FIERCEST Drag Queens (and some not so fierce). I couldn't believe that Heidi was even hosting this annual bash since, it was just a little over three weeks ago that she gave birth to her second daughter. But, lo and behold, I got the call and the invitation to cover it. My Costume:Love Child Meets Bollywood: Raymundo Baltazar and Nick Verreos attend Heidi Klum's Halloween Party Naturally I could not just buy a Halloween costume out of a bag from Hollywood Toys and Costumes: I had to make it! I decided that both my partner David and I would be a cross between a "Gay Bollywood Couple Getting Married" and "Ali Baba Couture". Now, before I get any angry emails/comments here from the entire Indian Subcontinent, I was not trying to be disrespectful to Bollywood, India or the Middle East, but in fact I am playing homage to it. I have always loved the colors, fancifulness and all-out drama of Bollywood and old Hollywood "Ali-Baba" films, and I thought it would be fun and fabulous to re-create it.Where's Aishwarya? Nick Verreos and David Paul in their "Nikolaki" custom costumes David and I both designed the costumes (David after all has a Master's in Costume Design), I made the patterns, and he SEWED EVERYTHING!!! We could have had one of our seamstresses make them but he wanted to do it. Our costumes consisted of fitted silk brocade jackets with Swarovski crystals, gold silk lurex drop-crotch "Harem Pants", silk waist cummerbunds and turbans (David's turban took over 6 yards!). To finish our Halloween costumes, we went to Artesia's "Little India" and purchased gold brocade slippers and jewelry. The Red Carpet:Perez GaGa: Perez Hilton as Lady GaGa and Nick Verreos Halloween in LA is always CRAZY. It took us 1 1/2 hours to drive from Downtown LA to the party location (normally a 20-30 minute hop even in LA traffic). I could have been in Palm Springs in that time! The Santa Monica Blvd traffic was at a complete standstill (and I was already about an hour late) when David just had me get out of the car and I made a mad 7-block dash (yes, in my Harem pants and Turban) to the club. Once there-- and almost a cardiac arrest later--I positioned myself into the reporter's "line" and went to work. The Real Lady GaGa First up was Mario Lavendeira "Perez Hilton". He showed up as Lady GaGa--all 6 ft 2" of him. His ensemble consisted of black stiletto platforms, fishnets and black fitted strapless corseted dress with "Disco Ball" bust accent. The costume was EXACT to one she has worn on stage before. He actually had the Haus of GaGa replicate the costume for him. It was great to say "hello" to Kelly Osborne who came along with her cutie (and gushingly sweet!) boyfriend, Luke Squirrel. They were dressed as "Sunday Brunch" or eggs (Kelly) and bacon (Luke).Couples was the "Theme of the Night": Project Runway Season 3 Winner, LA designer Jeffrey Sebelia showed up with his girlfriend, Cassandra Church, as Edgar Allen Poe and The Raven. Also on the red carpet were Paris Hilton and her HOT boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt. They were both dressed as the Tooth Fairy, or at least Doug was. Paris was in full DIVA mode, looking fabulous in a very Folies Bergere inspired Costume. Finally at around 11 PM, after much wait (and I'm sure stuck in the HORRIFIC West Hollywood traffic!), Heidi and Seal arrived. The crowd went crazy as they debuted their costumes: Black feathered vultures inspired by a Japanese Anime Cartoon Movie called Howl's Moving Castle by Artist Hayao Miyazaki. Kissing Beaks: Seal and Heidi on the red carpet of their Halloween Party As I interviewed Heidi on the red carpet, she explained how her mom had to sew Velcro in the costume right before she left so she could use the bathroom! (love that!). She asked me "Why don't you deeeeesigners ever think of these things???". Love her! She also reassured me that the feathers were not real (so PETA keep away!) and actually made of vinyl/plastic. Inside Heidi's Halloween:This Is Project Runway: Heidi Klum (yes that's her!), Raymundo Baltazar and Nick Verreos The nightclub was packed and very hard to move through (I guess the LA Fire Marshall must have been on vacation). Once inside, David and I ran into my Project Runway alumn, Raymundo Baltazar, who was dressed as a Hippie Love Child. We proceeded to see if we could A) Get some drinks, B) check out all the costumes at the party and C) find a way to say "helloooooo" to Miss Heidi. We did all three! While making our way through, I spotted one of my favorite singers, Jordin Sparks, who was a "spooky" Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (above photo) guest dressed as Karl Lagerfeld while his friend came as a quilted Chanel Purse. You don't see it but next to them was another person in a red tweed Chanel Suit. I spotted TWO Karl Lagerfeld's but not ONE Michael Kors or Tim Gunn. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. Parting Shot: Couple of the Night: Nick Verreos and Steven Cojocaru As I was about to leave, I had to stop and get a photo of Steven Cojocaru "Cojo" (from Entertainment Tonight), who was HILARIOUS as Khloe Kardashian in her Wedding Gown--BIG ring, BIG hair, tacky polyester gown and garter belt. I finally found the one woMAN who might be my perfect Gay Bollywood Bride! Very SPOOKY--Happy Halloween kiddies!

4 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Heidi Klum Halloween Party 2009: RECAP"

R. Christian Anderson said...

Nick.. you and Paul looked amazing! You must have had a ball! We are now living in Las Vegas for 2 days and loving it. xoxoxo

RitaVerreos said...

Tu sobrina y yo nos estabamos cagando de la risa!

G Spot Unveiled© said...

Hmmm...that's all hot!

I just wonder why in Greece we still haven't adopted Halloween! :S

I loooove Halloween but anywayz couldn't celebrate it cause it was fashion week here,at that time...and guess what would happen to my psychology if I would say NO :P to FW to go for some trick or treatin' :P LoL

Kisses from Athens :)

p.s. do you speak Greek at all? ^_^

Anonymous said...

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