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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Nick Verreos and Andrae Gonzalo: Recap Video Blog

Return to The Big Apple...via Tim's Snow Mobile! Is That Tim on the Snowmobile? We are nearing at the "End"--the end of Season Six of Project Runway. Three Ladies have made it to the Finals, which is honestly what I predicted WAAAAY back. I pretty much knew Irina Shabayeva would be there since she has been consistently strong and put out some great designs challenge after challenge. I also thought Althea Harper would be there because there was something interesting about her designs which made me "sit up and take notice". I also remembered her when I was one of the judges in the Casting sessions so I was "pulling" for her. The last one was either going to be Gordana Gehlhausen or Carol Hannah Whitfield. And of course, Logan's girlfriend won out. Pant Girls: Althea, Irina and Carol Hannah Last night's Episode, Tim visited the ladies at their homes--in Ohio, Suburban NY and Manhattan's Upper East Side. Then they made their final trek to Bryant Park via the Grand Hyatt and a makeshift workroom which looked a lot like the one back at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA. Here are my Highlights and Lowlights:--Tim Dirty Dancing with Heidi (enough said!) --Tim and his biscuit-making apron. Where was Paula Deen and her food-loving brother-in-law (or one of her cutie sons!) when you really need her?--Too Much Gray Ladies! What is up with all the somber colors? All their collections are looking black and grey. But, I think I did see some color from Carol Hannah (there were some baby blues peeking through the rack) and Althea (a cute raspberry dress on the form above).--Oh, poor Carol Hannah gets sick and is stressing out--until her boyfriend Logan shows up... but to help out Althea (damn you Althea, you're a man-stealer! LOL)--I am loving Irina's gown on the floor and those chunky sweaters. I think this is hers to lose. But I just love how the editors are "setting it all up" for that "It's TOO BLACK Irina" discussion, misleading the viewers to think "well, maybe it won't be Irina...." --One more week to go and we shall see! CLICK HERE for my full Recap of this episode and click BELOW for my video blog of last week's episode with my Recap Buddy, Andrae Gonzalo. Notice how I paid "homage" to the outfit Chloe Dao made for me when I was "auf'ed". I love that I look like a flight attendant from some fun airline--Welcome to Nick Airways!

3 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Nick Verreos and Andrae Gonzalo: Recap Video Blog"

Marshall said...

Uncle Nick, Uncle Nick, we need your expertise! It seemed like Irina incorporated text from a New York Magazine article into her T-shirts and told Tim Gunn it was her own ("Irina's Project Runway Shirt Knocks Us Off"), and there are companies that rush out cheap copies of the most popular red-carpet dresses immediately after the Oscars, and they even go on TV to talk about it. (Have they ever knocked you off?)

You're an educator--what do you teach your students about plagiarism? Hell, what even _counts_ as plagiarism in the fashion world?

Marshall said...

And wow, Carrie Underwood just wore a knockoff of Carol Hannah's dress, too.

Anonymous said...

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