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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 6 Project Runway Recaps: The Final Challenge

Nina's Stilettos Stayed On! It's the Last Challenge on Season Six of Project Runway! I cannot believe this season is almost over (insert sad face). But I already heard from a little Birdie that production has already finished for Season Seven (which will be back in NY) and those designers are getting their collections ready for the next NY Fashion Week. But until now, we must discuss the "Top Five". This final challenge involved getting inspired by the J.Paul Getty Museum. Tim told the final 5 to "Blow" the Stilettos off of Nina's feet! Unfortunately, this did not happen. In the end, it was OUT for Christopher Straub and Gordana Gelhausen and IN for Althea Harper, Irina Shabayeva and Carol Hannah Whitfield. It will be an ALL GIRLS Bryant Park Finale, once again on Project Runway. Here are my Highlights (and lowlights) of this week's episode: --Gordana's Miss Universe Gown:I loved it! It was so ethereal and romantic and so close to the Monet painting which inspired her. If only it wasn't GRAY!!!!! Gordana will now join the list of designers who have been ROBBED on Project Runway...welcome to the club Gordana! Natar looked regal. Like...a former Miss Universe from Russia, the gorgeous Oxana Fedorova (who was dethroned unfortunately). --Road Kill IrinaThank Goodness for Tim Gunn and his wise suggestion to Irina: Keep the rabbit fur AWAY from the silk chiffon. After a closer look at the painting which inspired her, I could see what she was thinking but yes, it was a runway-away from looking like Fashion Road Kill. --Odd Duck Christopher:Oh Christopher, how much do I just want to hug you and not let go. The "Odd Duck" of this season, yes you are. You love them waist-cinching corsets and you've never met a Gathered Halter Top you did not lik. And don't get me started on the fabulous Prom Dress business he could have in Minnesota after this! Your "Rock Fountain"-inspired look from this week's challenge was not one of your best. Why the stiff skirt? It's a fountain, think liquid-like...charmeuse, jersey...SOMETHING! The skirt almost reminded me of this denim Prom gown. This has Christopher ALL over it! I just wished he would have done THIS:Andrae Gonzalo's beautiful dress, inspired by the NYC gutter water. It's the NY version of the LA Getty Center/Museum Rock Fountain. Liquid, silky, flowy--all things "fountain" and water-inspired. For more on what I really thought of this episode, Click HERE for my entire Recap of Episode 12 on and be sure to tell me what YOU thought!

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