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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Season 6 Finale Recap

Season 6 Postscript: Gray and Black Finale Fest, Power to The Ladies, And Suzy Menkes' Fab Hair! The Final Three: Irina Shabayeva, Althea Harper and Carol Hannah Whitfield Season 6 Nick Postscript: Last Thursday was the Final Episode of Project Runway Season 6. This was the season that some thought would not even make it on TV, because of the whole Bravo/Lifetime lawsuit. But after a year, it did make it on air. I feel that a lot of the "something is missing from the show" had A LOT of to do with the fact that while filming this season, NO ONE really knew what was going to happen, and trust me kiddies that can change the entire "air" of the environment--from producers, designers, to even Tim Gunn, and obviously, the judging situation. There were lots of expectations for this season. It was filled with Hollywood star power: Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Bob Mackie, Eva Longoria Parker. There were also lots of tears, kooky "characters", lots of drama, and some would argue "blah" fashion but in the end, the winner, especially redeemed the season with a very polished finale collection. LA and FIDMThe fans were divided on the LA locale. I loved it, of course, since I am an LA-based designer, and so are several Project Runway alumn such as Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia and Finalist Rami Kashou. I thought it was a great idea to bring Project Runway to LA, the land of the red carpet. I was also excited for the fact that my alma mater and school I teach at, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM, became the show's West Coast "home". If there's any criticism, I feel maybe the challenges didn't live up to the locale. Next season the show will return to NYC (fans rejoice) but I still have high hopes for a return to LA and now that the behind-the-scenes drama has been settled, I hope a future LA season will be HOT! Petition for HD Lifetime TV!One final note: Not many people have realized this but Lifetime is NOT in HD/High Definition. And it makes such a difference, especially for a show such as this. So when lots of people stop me on the street and ask "Why does the show look different?" and I tell them this, they say "Ohhh, TOTALLY!!!". I hope that maybe by the next season, it will change to HD. The entire show will look much better. Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers for some Lifetime HD! Suzy Menkes Rocks:Just look at her. And her iconic Alexandre hairstyle. Diva. I loved that she was the Final Judge. This is the kind of fashion industry professional who should be judging the Finale Collections. Kudos to the producers for getting her. A fabulous coup. Regular "TV folk" might have no clue who she is but trust me, she is one of the most influential fashion writers and critics of fashion. Fashion is truly her life. Don't mess with Suzy...or her Up-Do! And now for the Finale Collections: Here are my "Nick Faves": Irina Wins! Of course NYC-based Parsons graduate "Meana Irina" won! I predicted as much. Even with an almost-all black collection, hers was a stand-out. It was perfectly put together. Designers need to think of the ENTIRE LOOK and tell a story--and she did, beautifully. I could have had a "Top Eight" favorites for her, but here were my top 3.Winning Model: Kalyn, in Irina's "13Th Look" I Need my Metro Card: Irina's grand and chic knits Met Opening Gown: I LOVED this gown, the final look from Irina's Finale Collection Althea Goes To Zara, 1st Runner Up Althea's Finale Collection was chock full of basics for the stylish, hip, modern woman. Althea's customer lives in NYC, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona and wants to look great in separates. A lot of her looks, however, reminded me of the stylish window mannequin displays at shops such as Zara or Topshop. This could be a good thing or not so good. She wanted to look for the future but it was very NOW. Nevertheless, these are my Top 3 from the collection.Emerald Style: I thought this look was modern and sexy; I especially loved the unusual tucking on the dress and the shrunken leather jacket Heading to a Club in the Meatpacking: America's Next Top Model Cycle 8 Winner, Jaslene Gonzalez looks great in Althea's silver-gray side draped mini dress. It was one of my favorite of her pieces. Let Her In: This is the outfit you want to wear if you are trying to get into a club, a fashion show, or a chic Manhattan magazine party! The drop-crotch pants are SO NOW and again, she was ON with the shrunken leather jacket. These are must-have pieces for the modern girl-about-town. Carol Hannah Whitfield: 2nd Runner Up, Cooties and all Carol Hannah struggled in NYC being sick but, with the help of Christopher Straub, her trusty assistant, she made it work. I loved her draping and cowl Grecian Goddess shapes. The judges kept going on and on about her "tailoring" but I didn't see any of that. The following three looks were my faves.Cowl Cocktail: Golden beige side cowl-draped "First Look" dress Thank GOD for COLOR: Project Runway All-Time Supermodel Amanda Fields, working it OVERTIME, in Carol Hannah's No. 13 teal jersey draped gown Glorious Lisa: Model Lisa Blades in the striking finale gown, showing Carol Hannah's unique ruffle, petal and folding detail--her hair and make-up was "Gorg"! Congratulations Ladies! For my entire Season Finale Recap, Click HERE on and make sure to let me know what you thought. See you next season kiddies!

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