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NICK APPEARANCES.....Damiani Rodeo Drive Event

Diamonds, a former Miss Universe, and a Who Wore It Best Moment... Diamond Carpet: Nick Verreos and Brook Lee, Damiani Rodeo Drive Last Thursday evening, I was invited to a red carpet cocktail reception at the Damiani Jewelers Rodeo Drive flagship. Damiani is known for its luxe diamonds--all conflict-free of course--handmade in Italy since 1924. They have a gorgeous ad campaign featuring the fabulous Sharon Stone dipped in glorious diamond necklaces and earrings. The $3 million Damiani 2009 Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra They are also famous for THAT $3 million (yep, MILLION!) Victoria Secret Fantasy Bra which was unveiled on Supermodel Marisa Miller at the recent 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in NYC. I decided to call my good friend--and muse, former Miss Universe Brook Lee, to be my date. I had a hunch she would enjoy looking at some diamonds. after all, diamonds are a girls best friend! Damiani Hills: Stephanie Pratt and Nick Verreos at Damiani Rodeo Drive Cocktail Reception The cocktail party was thrown by Hollywood Reporter to honor their 100 Power Women In Entertainment issue. The boutique was filled with guests admiring the diamonds on one side of the store and enjoying the festive party on the other. I spotted actresses Jenna Fischer ("The Office"), and hottie Colin Egglesfield ("Melrose Place") and chatted with the lovely Jamie Ray Newman (of "Eureka" and "Eastwick"). Brook is a big fan of hers and so she was excited to meet her. I was also happy to see my former FIDM student, Stephanie Pratt (from MTV "The Hills"). She looked gorgeous (she did her own make-up, she explained) and was excited to see me--I kind of rescued her from some guys who were, well, getting "too friendly" with her. The Best Part of The Night, however...Twinsies: Gilles Marini and Nick Verreos in similar jackets ...was running into my alter ego--with six pack abs--actor Gilles Marini, from "Sex And The City" and "Dancing With The Stars". He is always the SWEETEST to me and this time was no different. But there was something that got our attention: We were wearing (almost) the SAME JACKET!!!! Next Time, Let's Call Each Other To Double-Check: Gilles Marini and Nick Verreos Yes, the one thing you ladies fear most when you go to a party? It happened to me! And it couldn't have happened with a nicer guy! Of course, I was like "Gilles, we need to take a photo!" We did. And so we have our first "Who Wore It Best, the Nick Verreos Blog Edition"! Love you Gilles and love Damiani. Maybe during the upcoming 2010 Award Season, you might see an actress in one of my NIKOLAKI gowns--and some Damiani diamonds.

2 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Damiani Rodeo Drive Event"

TheArllys said...

Sorry Nick, you just don't match up when it comes to wearing the same jacket as Gilles Marini, he is hard to beat. Nice try though, but love that Gilles!!!

Noe said...

Honestly, I can't see who wore it worse. Nick and the plaid pants, um... let's just leave it to school uniforms. And Gilles wore a black t-shirt under a white dress-shirt, only God knows why.