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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Best New Year's TV Moments: JLo, Human Hair Coat, and Kathy Griffin

Happy New Year's Everyone...Now Can Someone FIX MY HAIR!!!! First Favorite Moment from New Year's Eve 2009 (on TV)--Click BELOW for the video (22-23 seconds in), it's GENIUS! I just love how, first of all, she is in some OUT OF CONTROL fur coat (Lets hope it was faux or we might have to send Tim Gunn after her) but then 3 minutes before ringing in the New Year, she is LIVE on camera and her hairstylist just waltzes in to fix her hair--which mind you, didn't need fixing. Love it. This was DIVA move Numero DOS! In case you missed what was underneath her fur coat just minutes before, Miss Lopez performed her "Louboutins" single live in a crystal-encrusted very TIGHT bodysuit: Here's a backshot:I love this photo (not for the reason most Straight men think!) but for the fact that there seems to be a "last-minute" addition that was inserted to the back waist area of the bodysuit. That piece should not be there but I am sure the top section was too short at the center back and the sewer had to add a piece. Can you tell I LOVE my patternmaking and designing? I notice EVERYTHING! I think she looked FABULOUS but some on the web, not so much. This was not all she wore. To begin her performance, she started with what looked like a Human Hair Coat--yes, you read right. it was SO Chris March of Project Runway fame! (no word yet whether or not he did make that!). But it did remind me of his Bryant Park Collection from Season 4: My final favorite moment from last night was watching THE GAYEST SHOW EVER ON CNN, starring Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper: Miss Kathy, naturally, supposedly dropped the "F" word (yep, yet again) last night and CNN had to issue an apology. But that's not what I want to dish on here. I want to discuss their ensembles: Can someone please call me so I can provide Miss Kathy with a better New Year's ensemble? Please? I know it's 30 degrees, but you still can look a little more, how shall I say this...FESTIVE!!! She looked like a flight attendant for American Airlines. And I love me some flight attendants, mind you. The red sweater was a nice touch for Anderson but he looked like someone's dad at church. Or maybe that's the point. Whatever the reason, Kathy and Anderson continue to be the most entertaining TV on New Year's Eve. JLo may have had the jumpsuit but Kathy had all the jokes and Anderson....well he just needs to stand there and look cute!!! Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve!!!

2 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....Best New Year's TV Moments: JLo, Human Hair Coat, and Kathy Griffin "

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

MH said...

LOL, very funny,
Yes! Andersen did look like Dad at Church, and J LO. OMG, WHY? the hair coat? The ill fitting skin suit? She has lots of money for costumes and this is what she put on? WHY? Talk about poor design/fit. I sew and I noticed the "panel" sewn into the back and wondered, did someone burn a hole in the back of her suit? Gessh, shambolical! Yes, she should call you.
And Kathy G, I just don't know .. she doesn't seem to care.