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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 7 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 2 Burlap Couture

Homage to Lucille Ball's Burlap DressEthel and Lucy Couture: The Iconic "I Love Lucy" Burlap Dresses This week's episode of Project Runway involved the old adage of "She's so beautiful she'd even look good in a potato sack". Before we can say "Upstate New York", the 15 designers are whisked away to the country (I can only imagine that 4:30 AM wake-up call, followed by getting in a production van and spending the next two hours sleeping next to someone you don't want to be next to).Suddenly, they are all wearing Wellies (were they all asked to make sure to pack some before they left their hometowns?) and Tim Gunn commands them to make that aforementioned adage true: Make a look out of burlap for their respective models...and make it cute. Cute enough that they could wear them to an "industry" party and be noticed for the right reasons. Right there on the farm was a "Mood Farm" outpost, filled with lots of burlap and trim for the designers to use.Back at the Parsons Workroom, the designers got to work. Lots of dyeing, draping and burlap-tearing later, they were off to the runway. Supermodel of all Supermodels, 5'7" tall (short for models, she is quick to admit) Lauren Hutton is awaiting, Sharpie in hand, next to Miss Nina, Michael and Heidi of course. The Runway: In general, as Heidi noted, this was a GREAT Challenge. Most of the results came out-- surprisingly--kind of good! (who knew? High-fives to the producers!). Last week's winner, Emilio Sosa--and exempted from elimination... did a modern take on the sheath dress: Fitted, chic and rather Narciso Rodriguez-meets-Carolina Herrera-esque. Loved it. Also, one of my favorites was Amy Sarabi's creation:The dip-dye petal handkerchief skirt was fabulous and the cowl top section, draped to perfection. It was polished, modern and very feminine. I thought she should have won. However, the winner was...Scarf-happy Jay Nicolas Sario and this deep-V neck cocktail number with a full fluttery skirt. I just didn't understand what the judges saw in this, but as one who has been in that seat before, I am well aware of the you-need-to-be-five-feet-away to REALLY see the "incredible" work that is in that dress. What Models Want: Now, I need to take a moment to explain to some of these designers what MODELS actually wear to "industry" parties/red carpet/events:Lily Aldridge, 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show After Party Pink CarpetMarisa Miller, 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show After Party Pink Carpet Models like it SHORT, TIGHT, and if it has Herve Leger written on the label, the better (they know a $5,000 mini-dress when they see it!). With that in mind, I think Mila Hermanovski actually nailed it with her design:But that neckline gaping was awkward and showed bad pattern and fitting skill. All I wanted to do was pinch about 1 1/2" off that neckline and fix it. Just a note kiddies: That open-gape WASN'T supposed to be there! Take my Elements of Fit class at FIDM and you'll find out. Now, someone who just doesn't realize what models want to wear to an industry event is:Seth Aaron Henderson. Really Seth? The first thing that I said was: "This is SO Fashion School Graduate Fashion Show!" And not in a good way. Too contrived. A model would NEVER wear this to an industry mixer. I don't care what your model told you Seth Aaron. She lied.Another look a model would NEVER wear was poor Jesse LeNoir's. My designer friend who watched the episode with me remarked: "He may have Matinee-Idol looks but his design aesthetic is questionable at best" Baggy pants and an ill-fitting vest? Is she gardening or riding a horse? Not so much. Model's Got Back:What is with the bad back's? Oh Miss Ping Wu. I really thought she would be gone. But then I realized that she would be "good TV" for at least one or two episodes. Her look was one of the worst. And that bootie-shot didn't help. Do we need to get Ping a new form? Ping: I have a suggestion: Take LOTS of measurements next time, especially the natural waist to high-hip to low-hip to knee. Just saying. Speaking of backs: Poor Pamela Ptak. As a fellow Instructor, I had high hopes for her--and I could just see her helping all those other kids with their lackluster pattern making skills while the cameras weren't rolling (like I did back in my season). However, she transformed her vision of a burlap sack dress into a semi-HOOCHIE mini dress. I liked how she dyed the fabric to look like washed denim but the overall look was still reminiscent of a dress that one of the cast members from "Bad Girls Club" would think is cute. As a result, it was Instructor Pamela's time to go. See you next time kiddies. Don't forget to pack your Wellies!

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Cliff O'Neill said...

Brilliant observations, Nick! Now I know why they pay you the big bucks!

I sensed the good and bad from the top and bottom three, but your input on the rest of them really saw so very illuminating!