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ICE STYLE.....2010 US Nationals Figure Skating Costumes: Pairs, Men

Sequins, Straps, lots of Mesh and Costume Changes: US Nationals Costumes Pairs Fashion:The US Nationals of Figure Skating are happening right now in Spokane Washington and of course "Uncle Nicky" is all over it--at least in terms of the costumes! To begin with, Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett won 2010 US National Pairs Championship. Caydee is only 16 years old and she and her partner only started skating together 18 months ago and now, they will be going to Vancouver for the Olympics. They skated to Sheherazade, which ironically is the same music Michelle Kwan used when she competed at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002. In terms of their costumes, I actually liked them! Caydee wore deep violet shirred outfit featuring lots of interesting and original draping and all very asymmetrical--a theme of Figure Skating costumes--very similar incidentally to the costume I designed for the "Sasha Cohen Challenge" back in my season of Project Runway. I also liked her partner, Jeremy Barrett's costume. It was a clean, elegant black stretch jumpsuit featuring details taken from Caydee's costume, such as the beaded violet arm criss-cross straps and gold sequined deep-V neck "buckles". The Men: Jeremy Abbott was in the lead after the Men's Short Program at the AT&T US National Championships...but his costume was so boring I'm not even going to discuss it. Thank You very much. He looked like he was in a local high school play and his aunt from Poughkeepsie made it (no disrespect to aunts from Poughkeepsie, I am sure there are some wonderful seamstresses there!). Evan Lysacek (2nd after the short program) debuted yet another Vera Wang creation:Slowly as the season progresses he seems to be losing more and more feathers. Let's hope his routines aren't moulting like his costumes! I like it for it's dark, almost Gothic tendency but still loved that first one he originally wore early in the season at a Grand Prix event. Johnny Weir currently in 3rd place "Rocked the tassel" as seen here:Leave it to "Miss " Johnny. Love that he just doesn't care and as always, has been consistent in not wanting to please anyone or follow any rules. It totally works for him since HE OWNS it. The New York Times had strong commentary on the new trend of over-the-top costumes. Now on to the Men's Finals and the Women's Costumes next weekend!--and of course, feel free to leave me your comments which I love reading, especially from fellow Figure Skating fans!

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Amy G. said...

You know what? As a former figure skater who was secretly just in it for the costumes, your reviews are all kinds of awesome. Thank you for caring about it enough to critique and blog it! Mwah!!