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ICE STYLE.....2010 US Nationals Figure Skating Costumes: Men

Costume Change... OK, first of all, Evan Lysacek is KILLING ME! Did he just change his costume AGAIN????? I just can't keep up! Both me--and Vera Wang---must be dizzy! Over the weekend, I just watched the 2010 AT & T US National Figure Skating Championships (I couldn't go--I was too busy doing my Golden Globes stuff kiddies) and I just about coughed up my popcorn and nachos (from my home, not from the actual Arena!). He busted out (did I just say that?) a brand new costume (it's like his FIFTH Costume Change of the Season!) for his Free Skate (or Long Program) where he performed to--yet again, Scheherazade (shouldn't Michelle Kwan have rights to this? Michelle??). Evan wore a gray center-front shirred stretch top with black shoulder beaded accents (Say what?) with black pants featuring side sequined panels (Say what, Part Deux?). I liked it for it's "Where did that come from" aesthetic and give Vera Wang props for her ongoing effort to influencing--stylistically, the world of Figure Skating costumes. Evan placed 2nd and received the Silver Medal. He fell on his quad and had a labored program but still managed to make the Olympic Team. Johnny Weir, bless his heart--also showcased a brand new costume. It had sequins (naturally) and white feathers (double naturally). Johnny's costumes always teeter on the edge of: Either someone's mother in Siberia made them or was it from a NY/LA-based designer with a $5,000 budget--Nevertheless, Johnny ended up in 3rd place but for me, placed FIRST...--in Feathers and Flash!! Jeremy Abbott won the Gold Medal, deservedly, but looked more like a Cast Member from "Glee" as opposed to a potential Olympic Medalist. That stretch-silk blue dress shirt was SOOO Show Choir. Sorry Jeremy. I absolutely commend you on the most AMAZING performance (it made my arm hairs stand on end!) but that ensemble of yours was High School and guess what Jeremy, you have GRADUATED!!!!! Next: The Women!!!! Stay tuned.

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Teraesa said...

I totally agree. I love Johnny Weir, with his fabulous Edward Scissorhands meets painted-up Kewpie Doll thing. The winning guy skated great, but him with the ensemble. And just adorable.