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ICE STYLE.....US Nationals Figure Skating Costumes: Ladies

Rating The Figure Skating Finals...Costumes! Congratulations to the delightful Rachael Flatt, who landed SEVEN (I know!!!) triple jumps including a triple flip-triple toe loop combination. Translation (to those non-figure skating fans): She did REALLY REALLY well! As a result, she garnered the Gold at this year's U. S. National Figure Skating Championships and a spot on the 2010 U. S. Olympics Team. Go Rachael! I am so happy for her--I had the privilege of meeting Rachael last year and even discussed designing a costume for her. Who knows? But I am sure she's already "taken care of" and wouldn't need "little ol' me" to design and create her Olympic-worthy costume. Speaking of her costumes, for her Long--Rachmaninoff-program, Rachael wore a red beaded number featuring a flirty skirt, and gold embroidered bodice. So perfect for her ivory skin-tone and amber-blond hair. Pretty and elegant yet still youthful and un-fussy. Score: 8.5 out of 10. Coming in Second Place was Mirai Nagasu. Along with Rachael Flatt, Nagasu will also be heading North--to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. She also wore a red costume for her Long Program (red was popular!) but hers was a deeper, more "Spanish" red, reflecting Bizet's "Carmen"--which is what she skated to. It was a "sweet" Carmen. I, for one, love the drama and sexuality of Katarina Witt's Carmen (in which she won the Gold Medal) I would have loved to have seen Bolero-esque shoulder treatments (like a fighting Toreador)but I realize that's not really what Mirai is about. So for that, the costume design was on the safe route: It did not detract from her program but it didn't add anything either. Score: 6.5 out of 10.

Most years, THREE women head to the Olympics for the chance of winning that Gold Medal, but because it is based on the placements from the previous World Championships (and the US Women did not do so well--oops!), there will only be TWO heading to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. With that in mind the dreaded Third Spot went to...Ashley Wagner. In regards to her Ombre-Purple re-embroidered costume--you can read HERE what I thought about it back in December when she came in Third at the ISU Grand Prix in Tokyo Japan Here's a hint: On the fence. Score: 6 out of 10.

One of my Season 2 Project Runway Guest Judges and Challenge Subjects, Sasha Cohen, struggled throughout her Moonlight Sonata Free Skate. I SO wanted her to BRING IT! She kinda did--and kinda did not. She was credited with only one clean triple jump (in the program) and got Fourth Place and (obviously) no position to go to this 2010 Vancouver Winter's U.S. Olympic Team. In terms of her costume, I really liked the "Kool-Aid" grape-colored Ombre dyed (an theme?) color. I LOVED the crystal-beaded neck but that over-sized shirred bust was a tad bit to wide and I must admit, bothered me. Score: 7 out of 10.
Well, now were off to Vancouver...maybe not me, Ashley or Sasha...but I cannot wait for our next "Rate The Figure Skating Costumes"...LIVE from Los Angeles California!

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