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ICE STYLE.....Sasha Cohen Arrives, Video of her First Practice and Short Program

Miss Sasha Is Back
Yes, darlings, that is Sasha Cohen, and in case you haven't been following figure skating in the last few years, she's been on the "DL". But...just today, she showed up to the 2010 US National Figure Skating Championships in Spokane Washington ready to compete for a shot at the Olympics. As you may remember, Sasha was a Guest Judge and the inspiration for my Project Runway Season 2 Figure Skating Costume Design Challenge, so you know I have been following her. Skating Queen: Uncle Nick rocks the Unitard
Her Short Program music is España Cañí: a Spanish Pasodoble by Pascual Marquina Narro. This is the perfect dramatic style of music that Sasha loves to skate to in her short programs and in many ways reminiscent of her 2006 Olympic Program in which she skated to Dark Eyes. It will be hard to match the brilliance of her SP performance in Torino but by the looks of this video she seems to be well on her way. Yes, she did fall, but hey, it was just a practice and it looks like she has not lost anything from her spins and spirals. Go Sasha can't wait to see the costume tomorrow!!!! And just for fun let's stroll down memory lane, shall we?!

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jason heyward said...

Sasha is a talented skater and gorgeous young woman, so its disappointing she didnt make the team.