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ICE STYLE.....Nick Verreos Interview on KNBC-LA Channel 4 on Johnny Weir

Quadruple Axle???No Fur Johnny: Pink and black rubber and spandex with corset strap detail and tassel: Short Program Costume at the Vancouver Olympics This week, while teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM, I got a call--interrupting my class--saying "it's important!"--Cary Berglund, of KNBC Los Angeles Channel 4, contacted FIDM, saying he had read my Tweet (I can't believe I just wrote that!) in which I said I was at the FIDM Museum doing TV interviews for the Art of Motion Picture Costume Exhibit. KNBC was doing a story on the Figure Skating Costumes--and particularly , Johnny Weir and his Figure Skating "fashion sense" and his fur/no fur controversy--and they wanted an interview with...yours truly! Fur and Sequin Diva: Johnny Weir off and on the ice Done and done! The interview was taped at the FIDM Downtown LA campus and I spoke about how Johnny Weir could wear just about anything...and at the same time, do an unbelievable jump sequence. So unbelievable, I said that he could even do a "Quadruple Axle" (a non-existent jump in Figure Skating kiddies, I know!). I'm sure some Figure Skating aficionados will make fun of me to no end for saying that, but who cares. I was trying to make an "extreme" point. Figure Skating Fanatics:Cary Berglund, Nick Verreos and Camera Person at FIDM Hope Park It was to my surprise that the interview was THE LEAD STORY on the 5 PM Los Angeles Channel 4 NBC local news! Oh Cary Berglund, I LOVE YOU!!! And take this as a lesson in "social media" and marketing. Who knew my Tweets were actually being read...I didn't! Click BELOW for the KNBC Lead News Story and my interview (it was very sunny at the FIDM Hope Park, I know!):

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