Saturday, February 13, 2010
Nick Drapes a German Goddess... Heidi Klum in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul, Models of The Runway, Season 7 On Thursday's episode of Lifetime's Models of The Runway, UBERmodel Heidi Klum, during the all-important Model Elimination, strutted from the Project Runway scrim, of my (and my design partner David Paul's) dresses. It was a NIKOLAKI ivory silk jersey side-cowl draped one-shoulder dress with a contrasting black silk Duchesse strap.Model Dominique in the original long silk jersey and silk Duchesse one shoulder NIKOLAKI gown The original dress was a long gown we showed at our Spring 2008 "W Hotel Collection" but it was customized for Miss Klum naturally--she loves it short and of course, she was pregnant. I think she looked GORGEOUS! And stood out amongst all the models in their black slip dresses. I am sure the director and producers (and lighting people) were not so happy that she was wearing white but I am happy it was "approved". Thank you to Heidi and to her exquisitely talented stylist, Maryam Malakpour for supporting Project Runway Alumn like myself! She'll wear the dress in the beginning of next week's Project Runway episode, so make sure to catch it!


Anonymous said...

I remember this dress...It is magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I saw that dress on Heidi,I went "wow, that's the best outfit he has worn whole season!" But didn't know it was one of yours. So congrats! It really made her pregnant figure beautiful.

Anonymous said...

My friend and I were complaining that Heidi's outfits were meh all season until last Thursday when she wore your beautiful dress. Great job!!!!

HopeStreet said...

I remember this dress. It took my breath away! I think it's the best that Heidi has looked all season!

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