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NICK APPEARANCES.....MSN Special K The Victory Project Seattle

Shopping, Styling, and Seattle!Finerie Pose: Nick Verreos strikes a pose on the streets of Seattle
Days after ringing in the New Year, last month, I flew to the "Emerald City"--Seattle--along with my "Design Partner In Crime" David Paul to go SHOPPIN', STYLIN' and FILMIN'. As you may know (if you've been reading my blog here) I am one of the four esteemed Experts of this great new webshow called "The Victory Project" co-sponsored by Special K and MSN. Struttin': Nick Verreos and Heather from The Victory Project, Mario's Seattle We will travel three cities in the US, find four women in each city, and help them get nutritional, physical, as well as make-up and style/fashion makeovers. First stop was Seattle.
Along with David's styling expertise (he has styled many a commercial, infomercial and magazine shoot--he even assisted THE Andre Leon Tally for an Arthur Elgort Vogue photo shoot back in the day), we also got AMAZING assistance from Gretchen Bell, a Seattle-based stylist and shopping DIVA! Styling Company: David Paul, Gretchen Bell and Nick Verreos, Mario's Seattle Our shoots took place at two wonderful Seattle stores, Mario's (a very high end boutique a la Barneys NY) and The Finerie, a distinctive smaller boutique that carries lots of local designers as well as one-of-a-kind not-found-anywhere-else pieces. Latin Lovers: Nick Verreos and Jocelyn in her "Reveal" dress I got the chance to pick the most fabulous looks--from head to toe--for my four "Seattle Divas", (as I called them): Rebecca, Heather, Sonja, and Jocelyn. Rebecca and Nick Verreos, MSN/Special K The Victory Project, and...Nick Verreos and Sonja, MSN/Special K The Victory Project All of them had a certain goal and after weeks of hard work, painful but fulfilling exercises and lots of Special K cereal later, they were ready for their Style Transformation, courtesy of moi! We all had great fun and I must admit, the ladies looked AMAZING! Heather and Nick Verreos, MSN/Special K The Victory Project Well, actually VICTORIOUS!!! And wasn't that the point? I was sad to say "Goodbye" but as always, I had a great time in Seattle and so happy I could make the ladies smile and be their "Fairy Style Godmother". Click Below for Heather's Fashion Makeover:

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