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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos and Macy's Sacramento California

Double Breasted in "Old Town" Sacramento!!!The Capitol Building in Sacramento California This last weekend--after Houston and Orlando--I flew to Sacramento, California. No, not to re-style "The Governator", Arnold Schwarzenegger, but to continue my Macy's "Tour" where I host fabulous fashion events at local Macy's promoting their Fashion Director site, and get the shoppers involved by allowing them to take the Macy's Fashion Challenge and put together Spring 2010 looks for "special challenges" and have everyone vote on the Best Look. Nick and His Girls: Nick Verreos with the SF Ford Models, Macy's Sacramento As I exited the Sacramento International Airport , the weather was GORGEOUS so I was ready to have a stunning event! After getting picked up by the one-and-only Johnny of Johnny's Towncar of Sacramento, we drove straight to my Macy's Sacramento location in the Westfield Downtown Plaza Shopping Center. I made sure to dress very Political Business with a dash of Thurston Howell III (from Gilligan's Island) since after all, I was in the State Capital!Sacramento Peaches: Nick Verreos poses with the Georgia Dance and Cheerleading Team Once there, I got right to business and proceeded to get on the intercom system and began announcing my event: "Hi Macy's Shoppers...It's Nick Verreos, Designer, Project Runway alumn and red carpet fashion expert...come to my Macy's Fashion Director event...and win a Macy's Gift Card!". I also walked outside and into the Mall and passed out invites, telling shoppers to stop by and take the Macy's Fashion Challenge. Bring It On: The Georgia Dance and Cheerleading Team bust a move At one point, I met the entire Georgia Dance and Cheerleading Team! They wanted to take photos so in return, I asked them to show me their best move. And they did it, right there IN THE MALL! Audience Snapshot: Nick Verreos Macy's Sacramento Event I guess all my shenanigans did the trick, because there were over 200 people waiting for me as I made my way onto the stage--including the entire Georgia Dance and Cheerleading Team!You Got The Job: Model showing off the "Interview" look styled by one of the Sacramento audience members, Macy's Sacramento For Sacramento, there were Three Challenges: 1) Put Together Your Best Interview Ensemble; 2) Style An Outfit to Meet Martha Stewart; and 3) Style an Outfit for a Beyonce Concert. I chose the contestants by pulling names from a hat, and they each had 2 minutes to style their models, provided by the San Francisco division of the esteemed Ford Modeling Agency. Yes, I only travel with THE BEST kiddies! Posin': Stylist Liz Baca and Nick Verreos, Macy's Sacramento The clothes and accessories were hand-picked by the fabulous Liz Baca, my Macy's Sacramento Stylist and fab Vintage Clothing "Treasure Hunter". She was great in making things easy for me and for the contestants and did a great job to convey the Spring 2010 Macy's Trends. She also happens to be an FIDM San Francisco Graduate of the Merch/Marketing Dept ('98).All The Single Ladies: The Winning "Beyonce Concert" outfit After the three challenges concluded, it was up to the audience to chose the Overall Winning Look and its winning "Fashion Director". The winner was from the "What Would You Wear To a Beyonce Concert" Challenge. As a result, the winning contestant won a $250 Macy's Gift Card!!! I was told later that she was also the first person to arrive before my event began! Well, you know she was the FIRST PERSON I wanted to take a photo with (see above). Love her! Congratulations to her and her great "fashion eye". After the event was finished, lots of fans and shoppers alike were waiting for autographs and to take more photos. I was so excited to see one particular one, who had purchased my Project Runway My Scene Barbie on Ebay, bought it, and brought it for me to sign! Once done with my event, I had several hours before I would catch my flight back to Southern California and my trusty driver Johnny decided to take me into Old Town Sacramento where I enjoyed a nice late lunch, people watched and walked the streets in search for the perfect "Governator" t-shirt. Needless to say, I didn't find one that would go with my Double-Breasted jacket! Maybe next time.

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TaRosa Jacobs said...

What a fun day! I love all of the pieces that Liz Baca pulled. She has such a great eye!