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NICK APPEARANCES.....Boston's Suffolk University Unity Week 2010: RECAP

Hello BAAAWWWWWSSSSTON!!!!!!Suffolk Cheer: Nick Verreos poses with "Unity Week" Suffolk University Committee Last Monday, on March 1st, during my 7-day stint visiting the East Coast, I landed in Boston's Suffolk University, located in walking distance from landmarks such as The State House (more on that below), Boston Common, Public Garden, Quincy Market and the Financial District. Suffolk University, Boston Massachusetts I was in Boston to do a very special speaking engagement to kick off Suffolk University's Unity Week 2010. My event was sponsored by the wonderful Suffolk University Program Committee, Student Leadership as well as Office of Retention Services.Minutes Before: The C. Walsh Theater Stage I stepped into the fabulously renovated C. Walsh Theater, Suffolk's premier performance space. As students filled the theater, I waited "behind the wings" for my introduction. I brought a special slideshow with images from my NIKOLAKI Collection as well as red carpet images of celebrities wearing my designs. Fashion Stage: Nick Verreos onstage, C. Walsh Theater, Suffolk University Boston These played behind me as I spoke to the 100+ audience. I think they really enjoyed it all (from what they told me!). After my "lecture" (or as some people called "Nick's Fashion & Comedy Hour"!), I made sure to gather everyone present to take a group shot: My very special Unity Week 2010 lecture was followed by photos and autographs, as I got to meet Suffolk University "Best and Brightest" up close and personal. It was a chilly 35 Degrees but that didn't stop them from bringing in the "Spring Colors" and still looking cute. Green Suffolk Pride: Nick Verreos poses with Suffolk University student, wearing a marine-green school sweatshirt and fabulous Neon-green Wellies Boston Beauties: Nick Verreos poses with Suffolk University students after his speaking engagement My evening ended with a delicious dinner at a local pub--I finished late (I went OVERTIME with my Lecture and photo-taking!). Thank you to the entire Unity Week 2010 Committee for making me feel right at home--and not judging my Lumberjack, skinny tie and skinny jean look of the night! Love ya! Golden: The Massachusetts State House, Boston The next morning, I had some time before heading to the Boston Logan Airport and catching my flight to New York City, so I decided to spend some time sightseeing and walking around. I just LOVE Boston and its architecture. I really felt as if I were in Milan or Paris as I ventured down some of its cobblestone streets and walked past the brick brownstone homes and historic buildings. Trust me, in LA, where I reside, there isn't ANYTHING like this, so I tried to soak it all up! I especially loved seeing the impressive Massachusetts State House with its gold dome and brick and Roman column facade. Where's Johnny Weir: The Ice Skating Rink at the Boston Common Frog Pond I also was very happy when I spotted an ice skating rink, located adjacent to the State House (you know how much I love me some Figure Skating!) in the Boston Common Frog Pond. With this vision--and the thought of donning some skates and doing a triple axle--I realized it was time to get my luggage and catch a cab to head to my next stop: New York City and New Jersey!

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