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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Nick Verreos visits Season 2 Project Runway Winner Chloe Dao in Houston

Miss CHLOEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Season 2 Hug: Chloe Dao and Nick Verreos, Lot 8 Boutique, Houston Texas The day following my San Antonio IADT Imagine 2010 visit, I flew to Houston Texas to host my first Macy's Fashion Director event at the Houston Galleria Shopping Center! My Macy's event wasn't until 2 PM and unfortunately, I arrived into Houston at 8:30 AM!! In other words, I had about 5 hours to "get to know Houston". Well, I had two options: Spend 4 hours at a local Denny's and give fashion tips to the All American Grand Slam-eating patrons OR... call up my good friend, Chloe Dao, the Winner of Season 2 Project Runway (Our season...THE BEST Season!), who happens to live in Houston and owns a fabulous boutique there, Lot 8 . Guess which one I chose? Window Shopper: Lot 8 Boutique Houston Texas She was so sweet that immediately, she called me back and told me where to get some breakfast (across from her boutique!) and said she would meet me there in less than half an hour! Love her! You should have seen the croissant and coffee-drinking crowds reactions when they saw me stroll in at 9 AM with my big ol' red suitcase in tow trying to order my Omelet breakfast. I'm sure I was the most over-dressed person there (I was dressed in my Macy's Hosting ensemble!)...until Miss Chloe showed up... Kick Up Your Heels: Chloe Dao poses in her Lot 8 Boutique Houston Texas She soon showed up, dazzling in a royal blue jersey dress with neck detail (one of her own of course!) and escorted me to her "palace", the Lot 8 Boutique. It was my first time in Houston and also my first time in her store! Shame on me; we both have been a bit busy in the last 4 years and we have met up in both LA and NY but I was happy to finally be in her hometown! Golden Dress: Chloe Dao showing off one of her most popular styles, a gold halter dress, similar to...Her "13Th Look" from her Season 2 Bryant Park Collection She showed me all her gorgeous designs--I loved all the dresses, the suitings, the blouses...EVERYTHING!!!!She even has a special gown section, which has become rather popular as of late with the Prom Girls and the well-heeled Houston Debutantes alike! Heading To School: Nick Vereos poses with one of Chloe Dao's new backpack designs, Lot 8 Boutique Houston Texas I even took a peek at her new printed Backpack and Computer Bag line, which I LOVED!!! I could NEVER have too many "Man-bags", thank you very much! I just wished I would have snapped one up while I was there (I was too busy taking photos and gossiping with Chole!). Sisterly Love: Sydney Dao, Nick Verreos, and Chloe Dao, Lot 8 Boutique Houston Texas I had an amazing time meeting with Chloe, her FAB sister Sydney, as well as some of Chloe's interns, sales staff and Houston fashion-friends who just "happened" to stop by while I was there (I have a feeling Miss Chloe told a "little birdie" called Facebook that I was coming!). Of course, I couldn't leave my short visit with Chloe without getting a view of THAT car: Her Season 2 Project Runway Prize, the slate-gray Saturn Sky Roadster she won. Car Models: Nick Verreos and Chloe Dao pose with her 2007 Saturn Sky Roadster Thanks Chloe and my new Lot 8 Houston "family" for making me feel right at home and opening your hearts to little old me! I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my time before heading to my Macy's Fashion Director event. And to put the icing on my "Chloe Visit" cake, she even drove me to the Houston Galleria and proceeded to escort me to the Macy's! Now that's what I call CLASS! Nick HEARTS Chloe!

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Anonymous said...

You and Chloe are so cute! Glad you had a good time. =)

Newburgh Restoration said...

Love Chloe. Loved this sneak peak!