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NICK APPEARANCES.....E! Entertainment's The Soup, Current TV's InfoMania "That's Gay"

Awards Madness...Gay is For Happy!Well, kids, I woke up yesterday with several emails and texts from friends telling me how they had seen me on a couple of shows over the weekend---the emails and texts were followed by a "You are so crazy Nick!". So, with that, I knew that it wasn't going to be pretty. The first show was E! Entertainment's The Soup and I guess I was part of an "Academy Awards Segment" where footage of me screaming and QUEENING out on my last TV Guide Academy Awards Fashion Wrap was featured. Great. With the help of the INTERNETS, of course, I found the lovely footage. Click below and make fun of me all you want :)---By the way, the "Nick Screaming" begins around 25 seconds into the video...Enjoy! And finally, the other show I inadvertently became fodder for was a segment called "That's Gay" hosted by Bryan Safi on Current TV's infoMania. He does these really, really funny--and witty-- video montages--one of my current favorites is entitled "That's Gay, Johnny Weir" (of course!). Bryan's latest DOOZY of a video is called "That's Gay: Award Shows Are Gay" where he highlights how during Award Show Season (Golden Globes, Grammys, Oscars), EVERYONE needs a GAY...and yes, there I was again. Love you Bryan--- Click below for "That's Gay: Award Shows Are Gay":

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