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NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Fashion Director Event Tampa Florida: RECAP

Hot and Tampa! Tampa's Next Top Macy's Model: Nick Verreos flanked by his Tampa Models, Macy's Fashion Director Event I arrived last Friday night into Tampa Florida, settled into my Sheraton Suites Hotel (SOOOOOO big for just one person!) and got a good night's rest for my Saturday Macy's Fashion Director Event the next day. Yes, kiddies, Monsieur Nick is back on the "Macy's Tour" spreading the "word" of FASHION!!! One US city at a time! Palm Trees and Sun: The Tampa Sheraton Suites The weather in Tampa was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! In my fitted jacket, pressed shirt and YSL boots, I felt a little over-dressed as I waited for my cab ride to my event, amongst the flip-flop, short-and-t-shirt wearing Spring Breakers mingling in the hotel's lobby!Pre-Show Pose-Off: Nick Verreos Backstage with his Tampa Macy's Models Soon after I arrived at the Macy's in the Westshore Shopping Center, I immediately went ahead and got on the store's intercom system and told EVERY Macy's shopper to "Come see me!"--and they did: EVERY seat was filled! I peeked through the black drapes behind the stage and the entire place was packed--with over 200 shoppers (and a a couple "Nick fans" thank you very much!). I said "Hello" to my beautiful Tampa Models and we did a brief "Madonna Concert Tour Prayer" (Not!) and it was ON!!!You're A Star: Model shows her newly-styled outfit, Macy's Fashion Director/Fashion Challenge Event, Tampa The Macy's Fashion Director Events have been all about getting the shoppers and audience involved in fun Fashion Challenges: I chose members from the audience, either randomly or by "who can show me their Macy's Credit Card first!". I then gave them a "Theme" , and they then had 2 minutes to pick clothing pre-selected on a rack to style their respective models. The audience then pick the winner of each challenge. Our First Boy Contestant: Nick Verreos picks the first male contestant to take the Macy's Fashion Challenge In Tampa, the fun themes were: How To Dress For A Beyonce Concert (a popular one this season!); How To Dress To Meet Your Ex. The two winners of these then competed for one final Challenge: How To Dress To Meet The In Laws. The Grand Winner then won a Macy's Gift Card for $100!!! The remaining runner-ups won $25 Macy's Gift Cards as well. Tampa Grand Prize Winner: Nick Verreos poses with winning audience member and her model I had THE BEST TIME with my Tampa audience; they were SO EXCITED and so "pumped" with wanting to participate and get into the Macy's Fashion Director vibe. I couldn't believe how many people showed up--especially since it was 85 degrees and really way too gorgeous to be inside a mall! Florida Fashion Mentor: Nick Verreos poses with students from IADT Tampa But there they were. One audience member even came with a resume and DVD portfolio for me to take a look at! I was really excited to see a whole group of fashion students (about 10!) from the Tampa International Academy of Design and Technology/IADT. They invited me to lunch afterward (so sweet!) but I couldn't because I had to catch my flight back to LA. Hope they can take a rain-check! Thanks for the great afternoon Tampa! Nick "HEARTS" You!

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