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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss USA 2010: Best and Worst of Preliminary Evening Gowns

Pageant Queens!Miss Texas USA, Kelsey Moore, in a feathered golden-beige gown reminiscent of the one Stefania Fernandez won her Miss Universe 2009 title in Well kiddies, the Miss USA 2010 Pageant is on tonight, LIVE from Las Vegas. I was not commissioned to design any of this year's contestants gowns in case you were wondering (too busy of a schedule right now unfortunately!) but in the past, I have had the pleasure of designing the Final Gowns for... Miss California USA 2007, Meagan Tandy and... Miss Alaska USA 2008, Courtney Carroll, whom won Third Runner Up and Miss Photogenic Titles respectively (in my gowns!). So of course, as a fashion designer (and pageant fan), I will be watching for one thing, well...TWO: 1)What gowns these girls wear? And 2) Which one will not know where Iraq, Afghanistan or who our Vice President is and whether or not President Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya. Hopefully they also studied up on what Goldman-Sachs is. Here's a hint: It's not a brand of shoes. Hopefully, Olympic Figure Skater Johnny Weir who is one of the judges (yes, he is this year's Perez Hilton I guess!) will ask a "controversial" question--Can't wait! Bring it on Johnny! As always the Preliminary Swimsuit and Evening Gown Competition already occurred earlier in the week and in lieu of tonight's pageant, here are my "Nick Verreos" Highlights and Low-lights of those gowns:There were several "Color Trends" this year with contestants choosing White, Royal Blue or Red as the most popular colors. In the White Gown Category, Miss California USA, Nicole Johnson featured a strong gown with side lace re-embroidery. Not too "racy" and somewhat elegant (pageant girls LOVE the white, it makes them look "pure" I guess).Miss Ohio USA, Amanda Tempel's was one of my favorite White Gowns. Simple elegant, silk charmeuse cowl draped gown with not-too-bold crystal details. Very "Hollywood Glamour".Miss Oklahoma USA, Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, also chose white, with coral and multi-colored beaded embroidery. She looks like she has a great figure and the sculptural gowns shows it off. I'm just not a fan of that sweetheart neckline and the off-the-shoulder design; very 1986 for my taste.Another "White Gown" girl was Miss Washington USA, Tracy Turnure. She's over 6 feet tall and again, was wise in opting for a fitted and column silhouette. The gown was OK, I just wanted to remove that damn feather! It's like someone went to Michaels and really thought she needed an "accent"!Finally, for the White Gown Section, Miss North Carolina, Nadia Shirin Moffett (love that name, is she part Persian?) just gets "Nick Verreos Points" for giving "Drama" with that back "over-piece". That is so Fashion School 101, and I could just see the designer thinking "Oh, it will be FABULOUS to have that back will WORK IT, on the stage huney!".In the Royal Blue Color Trend, Miss Delaware stood out as one of my favorite. I like the top with the fanned criss-cross "bow" and crystals; I even like the slit. Not too bad. Go Miss Delaware!Miss Arkansas USA, Adrielle Churchill's royal blue gown was just right. Strapless, elegant, draped beautifully and the crystal brooch was perfect.In the Scarlet Gown Trend Category, Miss Florida USA, was probably the best. Again, fitted, strapless, elegant Duchesse satin and very "red carpet" worthy. I like how the back train looks here (as opposed to on Miss North Carolina USA). It's "organic" to the gown, not something that looks like it could be snapped on and off in a HOT MESS minute! Speaking of HOT MESS:Oh Miss Mississippi USA, Courtney Breanne Ponder. You are soooo pretty! GIRL, why this gown? Like the high slit wasn't enough, you had to then have half your gown cut off on the side (of course, to reveal that 6-pack ab you've been working so hard for--but that's what the Swimsuit Competition is for!!!). Then I almost fainted when I looked down and saw them heels! Ladies, you are not STRIPPERS or ex-wives of Lorenzo Lamas! leave those to Shauna Sand! Some of the contestants wear the same gown for the Final Telecast and some do not (they want to "Bust Out" with that "stunner" of a gown if they get picked as a Finalist!). We'll see! Well, have fun watching--you know I will! Happy Miss USA 2010 Viewing!

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