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FIDM....FIDM SuperLab for Alice In Wonderland: Part 2 The Exhibition

Part 2: And Now...Here Is The "Disney's Alice In Wonderland" FIDM Exhibit:Red Carpet Queens: The FIDM SuperLab Gowns designed by FIDM designer grads inspired by Disney's "Alice In Wonderland"

In conjunction with the "Media Only" Party and FIDM SuperLab Alice In Wonderland-inspired Red Carpet Gown Fashion Show thrown by Disney at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM which I recapped in my last posting, there was of course something else: This also marked the opening of the "Disney's Alice In Wonderland Costume Exhibit" at the FIDM Museum and Galleries. Underland Costumes: Nick Verreos at the FIDM Museum and Galleries "Alice In Wonderland" Exhibition

Right after Kerli's "Tea Party" performance, guests were led into the FIDM Museum to enjoy the actual costumes designed by 2-time Academy Award-winning costume designer (and special guest of the party) Colleen Atwood. For the first time ever in the US, everyone was treated to a viewing of many of the original costumes, including Johnny Depp's Mat Hatter ensembles, including the iridescent blue "frock coat", waistcoat, and plaid kilt seen above.
Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen Dress, shown here sans the Queens BIG HEAD;Stayne, Knave of Hearts' exuberant cape and intricate armor costume (love the dramatic cape's inner lining);
And of course, several of Alice's dresses. Here is the original demure pale blue dress worn by actress Mia Wasikowska that you've seen in all the film's press photos (she's SOOOO TINY--go to the Exhibit and you'll see what I mean!);
and above is Alice's "Red Dress" from the Red Queen's Court Scenes: This is one of my favorite of Atwood's designs, very modern and reminiscent of the late Alexander McQueen's work.
In combination with Disney's Alice In Wonderland Costume Exhibit, there was the
Art of Costume Illustration exhibition, which was already on display in the FIDM Museum and Galleries. There are over 200 film and television costume illustrations on display from designers and illustrators like Edith Head, Orry-Kelly (his costume illustration for "Auntie Mame" seen above) and Helen Rose, who is famous for designing the wedding gown for Grace Kelly when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco.Sketch by Helen Rose for actress Alice Kingsley "Washington Story" 1952

Originally I wanted to be a Fashion Illustrator (since I love to draw!), until a teacher a LONG TIME ago (in high school I think), told me there "was no business in that", so I decided to become a Fashion Designer. But I've always been an avid fan of fashion and costume illustrations, and love and respect the art so this was a HUGE HIGHLIGHT for me.
Sketch by Helen Rose for Elizabeth Taylor

If you want to check out Disney's Alice In Wonderland Exhibit, the FIDM SuperLab Red Carpet Gowns designed by FIDM grads as well as the Art of Costume Illustration, get thee to the FIDM Museum and Galleries...NOW!!!

Below is a "Sneak Peak Video I took of the FIDM SuperLab Alice In Wonderland Red Carpet Gowns (which I mentored!) on display NOW at the FIDM< Museum and Galleries:

Exhibition Details:
Where: FIDM Museum and Galleries, 919 South Grand Avenue, LA CA 90015

Art of Costume Illustration Exhibit runs May 18-June 19
Alice In Wonderland Exhibit runs May 27-September 30
Open Tuesday-Saturday (closed Sundays and Mondays)

Fee: FREE!!!!!

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