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FIDM.....FIDM SuperLab Disney's "Alice In Wonderland" Fashion Show Gala Part I

Mad Hatter Couture!!!
Hat Queen: Nick Verreos hosts the Alice In Wonderland FIDM Fashion Show Event This last week was the unveiling of the FIDM "Alice In Wonderland" Fashion Extravaganza at a big "Media Only" event Disney held at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM Grand Hope Park backlot. Disney approached FIDM to showcase the wonderful Colleen Atwood-designed costumes for the film and they both had a GENIUS idea: Why not get FIDM grads and/or fashion design students involved in creating modern-day Alice In Wonderland ensembles. Designers...Make It Work: FIDM SuperLab Designers and their Red Carpet Creations Well, of course, we took it one step further: As an instructor and Spokesperson for the college, I was invited to Mentor and be the "Stimulus Package" and actually head the entire Alice In Wonderland FIDM SuperLab! FIDM SuperLab directs special project collaborations for advanced level students and grads in partnership with the industry. Therefore--as I stated in my previous "Sneak Peak" blog posting--we hand-picked six FIDM designers (most of whom I instructed in the past) and asked them to design and create Red Carpet Gowns inspired by the film. The results were SPECTACULAR as you'll see.Tea Party: The scene at Hope Park and FIDM FIDM was transformed into a vision of "Underland" with a center stage and runway with hedges and all--to mimic the Garden in the beginning of the film--before Alice goes into the Rabbit Hole. Bless The Runway: Nick Verreos does a "Model Walk Off"...alone! I was also asked to be the Mad Hatter "Master of Ceremonies" for the entire event ( I took extra Mylanta and Pepto Bismol to calm my nerves!). I decided to throw on my recently purchased Zara cropped jacket with mini-tails and a fabulous Hugh Simms bow tie (love his ties!).The party began with a walk down the red carpet of course. I took lots of photos with my Mad Hatter-ettes (above). Now, let me explain, I arrived to the party without that hat but those pesky red carpet photographers insisted I put one one--so of course, I obliged.I also posed with the illustrious Colleen Atwood, Costume Designer for "Alice In Wonderland" as well as... Estonian-born singer Kerli, who's hit "Tea Party" from the film recently hit #5 on the Billboard charts... and naturally, I had to have the support of my NIKOLAKI design partner, David Paul as I multi-tasked through all my assignments. Backstage was all a buzz as the models--all from LA Models--as well as the designers got ready for their Alice In Wonderland close-up on the runway: Backstage Cat Eyes: Model Sarah Deanna and Nick Verreos On The Runway: Cheshire Cat Red Carpet Gown by Kapasa Musonda Backstage Bunny Fashion: Nick Verreos and model Laura Larue in her White Rabbit Red Carpet dress Red Heart Pout: Model Amanda Fields (also from Project Runway Season 3 and one of my NIKOLAKI muses!), and Nick Verreos On The Runway: Red Queen Red Carpet gown designed by Clay Sadler Seeing Double: Nick Verreos poses with models , including Holly Ridings of Lifetime's Models of The Runway Season 2 (to my left), and designer Natalia Romano On The Runway: Tweedledee and Tweedledum Red Carpet designed by Natalia Romano On The Runway: Mad Hatter Red Carpet, designed by Angela Avanesyan, modeled by Zdenka On The Runway: Alice Red Carpet Gown designed by Dominique Pearl David, modeled by Carla Salomao Downtown LA Tea Party: Kerli performing at the FIDM and Disney Alice In Wonderland Party Right after the fantastic Red Carpet FIDM SuperLab Runway Show, guests were treated to a three-song performance from Kerli right in the middle of Grand Hope Park which then was followed by the opening of the actual Alice In Wonderland Museum Exhibit! But you will have to go read my "Part Two" Posting for photos and recap of that.... For Now: Click HERE for complete coverage--and special videos--from, and... Click Below for videos of the Alice In Wonderland FIDM SuperLab runway show:

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Heather Smith Teegarden said...

Looks like it was an amazing event Nick!! Who was the event planner? Loved the creative elements of the entire thing - those dresses were especially amazing! Cheers, Heather

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome. I love anything inspired by Alice and Wonderland, and these designs don't disappoint! Kerli is gorgeous, and a very talented artist.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That event looks like it was amazing! wish there were events like that in San Francisco!