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ROYAL COUTURE.....Crown Princess of Sweden Wedding

Royal CoutureStockholm Queen: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden enters the church with her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf Today the country of Sweden celebrated a Royal Wedding. Their beloved Crown Princess Victoria married commoner Daniel Westling. And as far as Royal Weddings go, this was probably "The Wedding of The Year"! There was a lot of controversy back when the nuptials were announced, since Victoria's father, King Carl XVI Gustaf did not hold back his disdain for the fact that his oldest daughter (and the next Queen of Sweden), was marrying a a fitness trainer with no royal blood (like that matters in 2010, but I guess it does to him). But all that was set aside and it was a day of royal celebration. Now to the important part: Let's take a look at "those crazy royals" and their "unique" fashion sense ranging from chic Haute Couture to "Oh No She Didn't!". Lets begin with the Bride:Victoria chose a Swedish designer by the name of Par Engsheden to create her simple yet very elegant gown. It was a cream colored silk duchesse gown with an off-the-shoulder neckline that came to a "V" back. It featured a fitted midriff bodice, A-line shaped skirt and a VERY LONG train (of course, she's the future Queen!). She also wore the same Cameo Tiara that her mother, Queen Silvia of Sweden, wore on her wedding day back in 1976. The tiara is thought to be from Empress Josephine-Charlotte of France and it was a gift from Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Queen Silvia's wedding gown was decisively not, by a Swedish designer, but actually from the House of Dior's then-designer Marc Bohan. Speaking of Queen Silvia, the Mother of the Bride, looked REGAL, in a lilac lace embroidered gown with a side-front chiffon godet and scooped neckline. Let's just say as far as Mother-of-the-Bride dresses, this is how you're supposed to do it ladies! Victoria's sister (yes, the one with the Movie Star Looks!) Princess Madeleine looked dazzling in a sky blue multi-layered, off-the-shoulder gown. Not a big fan of her gown (maybe a bit too much for such a young, beautiful girl) but I have a feeling, she could wear a Trash Bag and still look great! Now, in case you wonder what a Mother-of-the-Bride should not wear? See below for what Groom Daniel Westling's mommie wore:Royal Divas:Queen Rania of Jordan didn't disappoint as one the most stylish women on the planet, as she arrived (with her husband, King Abdullah), in a deep purple crepe sheath gown with diagonal side slit. A definite FASHION HIT at the Swedish Royal wedding was Best Dressed Hall of Fame (and a Valentino muse) Rosario Nadal y Fuster de Puigdorfila, Princess of Preslav (Bulgaria) after marrying the sexy Kyril of Preslav. Last year, it was announced that they would "live separately" but with no intentions of a divorce(?). They were at the wedding together looking like the "Brad and Angelina" of European Royalty. Her gown was Couture PERFECTION. She looked like a Grecian sculpture.Another HIT for me, was Infanta Elena, Duchess of Lugo and her mother, Queen Sofia of Spain. Elena has become a serious Fashion Plate, embracing her "Inner Fashion Diva", especially after her separation and later divorce from Jaime de Marichalar. I give her "ten Nick V Points" for just GOING FOR IT! Not only did she decide to wear a strong bubblegum pink silk gazar gown! But then she's like "You know, I don't think that gown is enough!" So she throws on a snappy embroidered Toreador bolero jacket: Viva España! Her mother Queen Sofia, elegant in a pale silk shirred bodice gown gave a nice subdued "balance" to Elena's "This might be Princess Victoria's day...but I'm going for it!". Continuing with Spain, Crown Prince Felipe looked dashing in his military uniform, next to Letizia, Princess of Asturias. First of all, I have to say this: She looks TOO THIN! There, I said it, I had to get that out of the way. Her gown was nice, but I think the color choice was wrong. It was just too close to her own skin color. She should have looked at her sister-in-law Elena for some color advice.Points for Looking Like a Queen Should Look Like: Queen Sonja of Norway. It's a mess, yes, but I didn't expect anything less. It's still quite fabulous. It all evens out for me. The Fortuny-pleated coral full gown PLUS a matching Fortuny-pleated attached shawl-cape. I mean: Really!!! Total Queen! The Royal Misses: Well, now that we got the royals with some fashion sense out of the way, here were some royal guests who missed the mark. You just know that during the wedding reception dinner, people were saying "Did you see HER mess of a dress??" For now, I've just highlighted two, and they happen to be from The Netherlands (coincidence?): Princess Laurentien of The Netherlands. Oh Laurentien, your Mother-In-Law, Queen Beatrix would be proud (she loves them crazy prints!). The Black and White Print, on it's own is not too bad. But once you mix it with the Red sash, matching bolero jacket and Orange detailing(?) it became a definite Royal "What Was She Thinking?"... But the prize goes to Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau (Netherlands): The slate-gray shirred bodice is actually nice, but then...wait...are those PANTS???? It's a cross between an outfit created by a bad Fashion College student and something from Victor-Victoria. Maybe she was trying to tell us that she's both a Man AND a Woman, when it comes to fashion, or she just wanted to be that "artsy fashion ingenue" royal. Whatever the case, in both instances, they are not giving Dutch Fashion a good name. Well, Hej då! (goodbye in Swedish) from the Wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and my own "Nick Verreos Red Carpet" Royal Fashion Report...Until next time. Click BELOW for video of the Wedding (in Swedish):

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Miss Jeanett said...

What about the danish Crownprincess Mary? She looked SO beautiful!!


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm a Dutchie and I agree on most of what you say. I thought Mabel's dress a bit inappropriate for a Royal Wedding but on the other hand: it is 2010 guys, Victoria is marrying her fitness instructor! The design is not at all from a students hand, it's from her favourite designers couple Viktor&Rolf. Quite famous here. (

clippingimages said...

queen silvia and her daughter princess Madelein looks so perfect. i like their style.

Anonymous said...

Nick if you got your hands on any royal lady for dressing up who would it be and what would you like to see on her. both gala and daytime event
t would a modern princess or queen dress acordning to you?