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NICK APPEARANCES.....San Francisco PRIDE 40th Anniversary Parade

Happy San Francisco Pride!!!SF Pride Macy's Banner Yes, kiddies, it has come to this: I was FINALLY invited--by Macy's no less--to ride the official Macy's "float" at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. Not just any Pride Parade but THE 40Th Anniversary darlings. I just happened to be in San Francisco hosting the Sunglass Hut Grand Opening Event at Macy's Union Square and well, Macy's thought "Let's see if Nick will be our Macy's 'Grand Marshall' ?" Ummm, let me think about it...YES!!! Riding Proud: Nick Verreos atop the convertible BMW Macy's Car, SF Pride 2010
After I was done with my Sunglass Hut Event, I checked into my most comfortable Hotel Vitale room and settled in for the night (after a few cocktails with friends at the Americano, naturally!). Now, onto Sunday kiddies. Rainbow Peace: Nick Verreos strikes a pose, SF Pride 2010 I was so humbled, honored and well, very verklempt, to have been asked to be part of this amazing occasion. As I arrived in my "waiting area", all the Macy's volunteers congregated along with hundreds of other parade attendees who were a part of different organizations and/or floats that were about to take part if this 40Th Anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA. Macy's went "all out" with not one but TWO shiny brand new BMW's from BMW San Francisco. They also had hundreds of black Macy's Pride T-shirts as well as TONS of Macy's rainbow flag hankies (above) that were to be passed out during our parade route. During the wait, I got to enjoy the Gold's Gym Float (above) which waited right next to us the entire time with a group of the most perfectly toned, muscled and buffed bodies this side of the Mississippi (nice!). I was also very happy to see one my oldest and dearest of friends...interior designer Gino CastaƱo, who stopped by to keep me company (Love him!) (above photo). Finally, around 1PM, we got the word that we could "start" them BMW engines! Macy's Princess: Nick Verreos, atop the Macy's BMW SF Parade car, with Macy's volunteers I threw on my white Zara jacket over my peach-colored American Apparel deep-V t-shirt, threw on a couple of those fabulous Macy's Pride Hankies, and I was ready! For about an hour, all I could see and hear was "Omg!Nick!!!" or "Oh wait It's Nick from Project Runway!". View From My Car: Market Street San Francisco from my car, SF Pride 2010 So much so that my Macy's client--and driver-- said "I really need to make a t-shirt that says 'OMG-It's Nick!' " It was so AMAZING to ride the 40Th Anniversary SF Pride Parade and get to see all the loving, peaceful, inclusive, and very COLORFUL people out for Sunday's festivities. I cannot say this enough: Riding the SF Pride Parade was one of the most SURREAL experiences of my life! I'm Taking This To Europe: Nick Verreos eyes his new Bubblegum Pink Samsonite Suitcase Once we finished the parade, the Macy's clients had a VERY SPECIAL Gift for me: A bright Pink Samsonite Suitcase! You see, last month when I was in San Francisco to host a "Sex And The City 2"-themed party at Macy's Union Square, I was "eyeing" this Barbie-pink suitcase that was in one of the "Sex And The City 2" event displays...well, the clients remembered and so as a "Thank You" for being the Macy's SF Pride "Grand Marshall", they gave it to me, it was waiting for me at the end of the parade! I know: Shut The Front Door!After the parade I had three hours before I would catch my flight back to LA. My SF friends from AGES ago, Jason Fioresi and Carlo Parenti (above), decided to throw me an impromptu "Congrats, Welcome and Happy Pride Sunday" afternoon gathering at their fabulous Bernal Heights pied-de-terre. Nick Buffet: The "SF Pride" Spread at Jason and Carlo's home As I arrived, there was an entire table set up with White Wine from Spain, cheeses from all over the world, crackers and bread, Caprese Salad, salami, Prosciutto, Garbonzo beans, olives and Banana Peppers, as well as turkey meatballs. Not kidding! Just for me! Well, it was the perfect ending to an unbelievable weekend in San Francisco. I was ready to get back on the freeway and find my way back to SFO and board my return flight back to LA-LA Land. I HEART San Francisco! For More Photos: Click HERE!

2 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....San Francisco PRIDE 40th Anniversary Parade"

MeganRose. said...

oh my gosh, were you at zara on friday?! you were wearing sunglasses but i recognized your beard!! great blog...following! for sure!

Molly said...

Go Nick! Love, love, love the Bright Pink SATC suitcase. It's so Barbie™ -- which reminds me of all your great designs for Mattel®. ;)