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FIDM.....FIDM 3 Days of Fashion: FIDM San Diego, FIDM San Francisco

FIDM 3 Days Of Fashion Wrap Up!Nick Tattoo: Nick Verreos draws an original fashion sketch on San Diego 3 Days of Fashion attendee's arm!! These last two weeks of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM (the college I teach at) school calendar "Summer Break" were busy for me: No rest for the wicked as they say. I traveled to several FIDM Campuses making special appearances for the FIDM 3 Days Of Fashion, a great summer program for high school students who are interested in fashion and possibly attending FIDM post-high school. I already visited the OC and Los Angeles campuses so next up was San Diego and San Francisco. FIDM San Diego 3 Days of Fashion (in LA):Jumbo-tron Nick: Nick Verreos at FIDM LA Campus for the San Diego 3 Days of Fashion For the 2010 3 Days of Fashion San Diego, they came up to LA, instead of me coming down to them (it cut down on my travel!). About 200 students--and some parents-- showed up for my "Nick It's A Wrap!" seminar on their last day. Nikolaki Trophy Girl: Model Lauren Gish in Nikolaki sea-foam sequin bias-cut one-shoulder gown I also brought one of my favorite models, the lovely Lauren Gish, who just happened to be THE Trophy Model for last year's Academy Awards after winning the Behind The Dress competition, which I hosted. She modeled some of my Nikolaki dresses and gowns for the San Diego 3 Days of Fashion attendees. Form a Line: Students await photos and autographs with Nick Verreos I had a great time being both the "special guest" and host (yes, I was on "double-duty"!). After my "How I Got Started In Fashion" story, I introduced my gowns to the kids. All I could see was a sea of camera phones going off! Point Loma Love: Nick Verreos and Model Lauren Gish (in Byzantium-colored zibeline NIKOLAKI cocktail dress) with students from Point Loma High School And of course, all this was followed by autograph and photo ops (those Facebook photos better make me look cute!). I signed A LOT of bags, sweatshirts and even someone's arm. When I asked two beautiful young girls what High School they attended, they said Point Loma High School. This just happens to be my Nikolaki design partner, David Paul's alma mater! Needless to say, David yelled a little "Yeaaayyyy!!!". Next Up, San Francisco 3 Days of Fashion: Last week, I was extra excited to return to San Francisco (I had just been up there the previous week to host my Macy's event and to ride in the SF Pride Parade!). The Hotel Monaco SF must think I LIVE there since I stay there so often! Can I Put this in the Overhead Bins: Nick Verreos enters FIDM SF Campus, Nikolaki gowns in tow After checking in, I made my way to the FIDM San Francisco location, right in the heart of Union Square. I brought my garment bag of Nikolaki Couture all the way from LA (it's just a 55 minute flight!) to have a mini Nick Verreos Fashion Show to cap that city's 3 Days of Fashion. But first: The FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion Design-A-T-shirt Contest:FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion T-shirt Design Entries lining up for the fashion show Last year, there were 8 entries but this year, the number of entries shot up to 41(!). On hand to help me judge the contest was the lovely Julia A. Hill, an FIDM SF Grad AND the Executive Assistant to "What Not To Wear's" Clinton Kelly (I know, shut the front door!).Sitting Prom Photo: Nick Verreos and Clinton Kelly's Executive Assistant, Julia A. Hill, a FIDM SF Grad She lives and works in NY but flew out just to be at the FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion and be a Guest Speaker and really, my new best friend. There were some very creative entries this year, ranging from a hand-painted and beaded neckline-trimmed, belted dress (one of our Top 3)... To this "deconstructed" design which was one of our favorites as well for it's directional aesthetic. Very Martin Margiela-esque. After naming the winners, it was time for me to show my Nikolaki gowns and dresses on the gorgeous San Francisco-based model, Rachael Sitz , seen above modeling a magenta duchesse silk satin cocktail dress.She did a fabulous job and fit into my dresses perfectly (no fittings kiddies, she's a perfect runway size!). Above, she is showing the front of my Nikolaki gold lurex and silk bias-cut one-shoulder cascade ruffle gown... And here she is showing the back. I think all the high school kids present--approximately 200 of them--enjoyed seeing my gowns (I hope so!). We ended my appearance at FIDM SF with giving away some great FIDM bags, one of which included a special "surprise" (besides my fashion illustration and autograph!): A stylin' new Flip Camera. Here I am picking the winner and my trusty "helper", the ever-so-chic Trudy Noren, SF FIDM Director of Special Events and College Rep. I just LOVE her Piazza Sempione multi-colored shift dress (you KNOW I asked her to "drop" the label!). I can't wait to return to San Francisco and do it all over again and see what great t-shirts the kids will design, as well as what new fabulous shift dress Trudy will have on!

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