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RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Haute Couture Avant-garde Gowns

Haute Couture Creative "What Is That?": Haute Couture is all about one-of-a-kind creations meant for a rarefied few--either Top actresses who can borrow them for free to wear for Red Carpet events (to get the Designer some publicity) or the 400 or so (yep, that's all!) women from all over the world who can afford to fork up $30,000 for a pantsuit or $100,000+ for a gown. As in any type of fashion, there is a wide spectrum of designs ranging form the sublime and elegant to the "Are You Kidding Me?". Understandingly, a lot of Haute Couture is about designers having "no limits"; going "crazy" as it were and having no limits. With that being said, here are my "Nick Top Picks" for "I am not so sure about that...": Eric Tibusch, a Parisian--by way of French Polynesia--designer who worked with Jean Paul Gaultier, showed a collection for Fall/Winter 2010 that had Reptilian suggestions. Check out those rhinoceros headdresses. Even if you remove those, the ensembles still do not get any better, unfortunately. The light aqua embroidered lace cocktail dress above would certainly prevent you from eating that Caesar Salad you desire at that fabulous cocktail party. I guess it's one way of staying thin. Jean Paul Gaultier showed a fanciful collection--mostly good--but there were some missteps, that I doubt would make it to the Hollywood Red Carpet--or a party in Abu Dhabi for that matter, as seen by the photos above and below... The dead fox is KILLING ME! And maybe not in a good way. The Drag Queens in my 'hood would love this, but well, that's about the extent of it. John Galliano for Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010 did his part as well. I actually LOVE this voluminous violet coat-dress but again, not so sure if this would ever make it on Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, or even Dior perfume spokesperson Charlize Theron. The ensemble does give you DRAMA. Points for that.Not sure about this Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010 deep red silk velvet cowl draped gown as well. For the red carpet, you might see that cowl completely removed, then it might not end up in the "What Was She Thinking" section. Finally, Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 Haute Couture by Karl Lagerfeld. The collection--for the most part--was amazing. But...then he showed this mess of a dress above. Bai Ling would be proud. We'll see what makes it to the red carpet, and what does not!

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