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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 8 Project Runway Casting Videos

Well, kiddies, it is OFFICIAL: Project Runway Season 8 is about to begin (July 29TH!). I will be in Europe on my Florence Lecture but rest assured I will be watching one way or another (Thank Goodness for the INTERNET!!!). LA Season 8 Casting Buddies: Marie Claire's Zoe Glassner, Tim Gunn and Nick Verreos Yesterday, the complete list of Season 8 Designers/contestants were announced and boy, is it a "colorful" bunch, to say the least (like, Andrae, Daniel Franco, Santino and I weren't colorful!!??). Those names (Casanova? Peach? Mondo?) are SLAYING me!! It's like the names to the new season of "MTV's The Jersey Shore", not Project Runway! Love it! Dapper Twosome: Tim Gunn and Nick Verreos As many of you may know from reading my blog here, I was actually honored enough to be one of the Casting Judges for this season in Los Angeles--along with Tim Gunn and Zoe Glassner of Marie Claire. And we "let through" several talented designers and yesterday, the entire cast was revealed!! Below are four Videos from this new season's contestants and my thoughts on what I saw that day. Enjoy! Michael Costello My Thoughts on Michael: Michael Costello had tried out for several seasons and never made it. Throughout the years, I have actually seen a lot of Michael's designs, befriending him within the "LA Fashion Community" as he kept telling me how much he wanted to be on Project Runway. Well, he showed up again, and with a model I also know, the lovely Suwana Perry. Of course, from the moment he walked in, he was "on" and we all loved his fun bubbly energy, his funny candor about himself and his "quirky" parents and how his mom doesn't know he is gay and still wants to find a nice Greek bride for him (!). Design-wise, he is a "mini-me" of Elie Saab: He never met a bow, a backless asymmetrical drape with sequins, and an exaggerated train (all in one dress!) that he didn't like. His "Achilles Heel" might be trying to "tone it down" and learning how to edit. We'll see... Mondo My Thoughts on Mondo: Mondo tried out last year at the LA Castings, where I was once again a judge, and I told him to "Eat a Burger!" (he's very skinny) and he remembered that. His designs were creative, fun, very Heatherette (his idols). Our complaint was that they were a little "over-designed" but we were impressed with his own unique "look" (these kids come STYLED huney!) and his sewing skills. Speaking of styled, his models were DONE from head-to-toe! So glad that these contestants who try out are going for it--110%--especially when it counts! Sarah Trost My Thoughts on Sarah Trost: I remember that "kitty dress" and boy was it AWFUL! (as my Casting Judge cohort Zoe Glassner concurs in the video above). To be honest, most of her dresses looked rather "homespun" and more appropriate for an old lady residing in a Boca Raton living community. She said her inspirations are Adrian, Schiaparelli and the original Christian Dior, but yet we didn't see any of that in her designs. But they were kinda fun. As you see from above, she was in the "maybe" pile and then it was up to the casting "Gods" to let her in. And they did. We'll see how she does... Christopher Collins My Thoughts on Christopher Collins: First of all, it was such a nice breath of fresh air for a contestant/designer to come into the castings and NOT SAY, that Lady Gaga was their inspiration!!! His designs were simple, classic and "American Sportswear" elegant. Very Jason Wu meets Banana Republic. Is it "earth shaking"? That's arguable. But we loved how humble he was. In a sea of people who think they are "fierce" and dress like it but have nothing to back it up, Christopher's simple clothes and his simple attitude WAS fierce! You can see all the Designer's Casting Videos plus much, much more on Lifetime's Project Runway Website.

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