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TRAVELING IN STYLE.....Europe 2010: Positano and Capri

Caprese Salads, Bruschetta and Limoncello in Positano...and almost DROWNING in Capri!! Positano, Italy:
Positano Heaven: View of Positano from the beach
Last month, David and I went to Europe--first as part of my Florence Italy lecture for the Miami University Summer In Italy Program, and then for some much-needed R & R. On my last post, I wrote about our Florence stay, and now we are off to the gorgeous cliff-side town of Positano in the Amalfi Coast. We had gone there, for our first time, last year and almost DIED, at how beautiful it was. So we had to return.
To be honest, we wanted to try another beach-side resort, even in another country. We looked at Ibiza, Mykonos, even Croatia. But because of our limited time in Europe and odd airline and ferry travel departure day regulations, we succumbed to Positano once again! We checked in at the most lovely Eden Roc Hotel, nestled halfway between the highest part of the cliff and the beach. The staff was UNBELIEVABLE: Always helpful, always sweet and always calling us "Mr Nick" or "Mr David". Love them!
Beach Bunny: David Paul enjoys the Positano Beach
After our first night arrival, we spent the following THREE relaxing days at the beach. Nothing to do, but soak in the hot Italian sun, swimming, eating Buffalo Mozzarella and Bruschetta, and drinking Limoncello. Exactly what I wanted to do: No work, little stress, and no Blackberry (OK, maybe a little bit!).
No Fanny Pack and Teva Sandal Zone: Nick Verreos in Positano
Positano is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. And yes, it's expensive kids, you're paying for that view! The bougainvillea-lined streets are serene and perfect for post-dinner walks. Also, what I love: You don't see many tourists sporting fanny packs and Teva sandals, thank you very much. People DRESS UP at night. The women don their best dresses, great jewelry, sandals or heels (yes, heels!) and men wear "Summer blazers" and even (gasp) tucked-in pressed dress shirts (who knew!). Capri Day Trip: (and the almost Drowning!)
View of Positano from our boat to Capri
On one of our "Beach Days" , David and I decided to go to the island of Capri and spend the entire day there. Every time I open a Vogue Magazine or a Women's Wear Daily/WWD and see one of one of those obnoxious "Postcards From The Maldives" with some designer like Michael Kors, Donna Karan or Behnaz Sarafpour, I just want to SCREAM, but now here was my chance to take one of those odiuos photos...from Capri!

Hey Sailor: David Paul enjoying the boat ride to Capri
There are many ways one can get to Capri but we decided on Lucibello and doing their more "private" boat ride option. The boat, which only had about 4 other couples, left Positano very early in the morning and then cruises around the famous island exploring the spectacular coast for about three hours including the famous Grottos like the Grotta Azzura (Blue Grotto), as well as the Arco Naturale (natural stone arch) and the Punta Carena (lighthouse).

While on the boat, we noticed SEVERAL HUGE yachts just off the coast. I was waiting for Heidi Klum and Seal and their kids to come running out of one of them!
During our sightseeing boat ride, we arrived at the Green Grotto (above). The Captain stopped the boat and announced that we could go swimming here while he could then meet us on the other side of the Grotto afterward. So David and I--as well as another couple--decided to dive off the boat.
Pre-Almost Drowning Happy: Nick Verreos ready to go swimming...
About 60 seconds in the gorgeous turquoise blue water, I had a PANIC ATTACK! My 30 years + of swimming expertise all but escaped me and I began to drown! I wish I was being "Nick dramatic" but no, I couldn't stay afloat! So, I somehow paddled my way (with all the force I could muster) to the rocks lining the arched cave and held on for life. Where was David you might ask? Huney he had NO CLUE of what was happening as he had swam beautifully under the Grotto and was awaiting the boat to jump up. The other couple in the water yelled "Where's Nick?" and that's when they all realized what was happening. The Captain threw a small boogie board. I jumped off the cliff, caught it and climbed onto the boat. As I looked down, my entire leg was BLEEDING! Yes, I had CUT myself unknowingly, on the underwater rocks. Pretty.
Shop-a-holics: David Paul and Nick Verreos (can you spot the Band-Aids?) in Anacapri, Capri
About ten Band-Aids and an hour later, we finally made it to the Island of Capri. My visions of looking like a fabulous Greek-Venezuelan version of Jackie Onassis vacationing in FABULOUS Capri all but left my mind as I docked looking like a hot, almost-drowned, scratched-leg mess! But I made the best of it.
View of Marina Grande (the main port) from atop the Capri hills, Capri
The Island of Capri was stunning. David said that it reminded him of a "very nice" Catalina Island (off the coast of California). I wouldn't know since I've never been to Catalina Island but I am sure Catalina doesn't have Prada, Cavalli, and Valentino Boutiques. Just sayin'.
We took the funicular (cable car) up to the city of Capri (very Rodeo Drive on an Island!) shopped and even took a hang-on-for-dear-life bus ride to another city, Anacapri. There, we did more sightseeing and enjoyed a delicious lunch. The city of Anacapri is very high atop the island so the views were spectacular! Hours and hours of lounging and walking around the gorgeous island and we almost forgot that we had to catch our boat back to Positano.
One more mental snapshot of that gorgeous Capri view and we were off, back to our boat, and back to Positano to finish off our "Lazy Days in the Amalfi Coast"...
And get ready for our EasyJet flight to Paris, our next--and final--stop.
Click Below for Videos from our Boat Ride to Capri and the hilltop view from the hills of Capri: See you next time as I recap our très chic trip to Paris and the Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective Exhibit!

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