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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2010 National Costumes Show

Costume Drag Pageant Fashion Show!!!
Golden Eagle: Miss USA Rima Fakih plays homage to the Eagle in a costume made by the same Costume House who creates the Victoria's Secret "Wings"
This last Monday , the Miss Universe 2010 National Costume Show and Photo Op occurred at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Resort in Las Vegas Nevada. In the past, this portion of the pageant has been reserved for a grand "Competition" where experts judged the Best Costumes and gave out a prize. This never reflected or gave "added extra points" to the contestants in terms of vying for the crown; it was just for show and fun--and national pride.
Aussie Drag: Uggs, Sheepskin, and lots of leg on Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell
This year, it was done at the Hotel where the pageant is taking place and in a more informal basis; there was no "Best Costume Contest". But that doesn't mean I can't give my "Nick Verreos Costume Two Cents"...
Flora and Fauna Latina: Miss Puerto Rico Mariana Vicente shows off MORE than her leaves
I spoke last week about what we "might see" in terms of National Costumes from the 83 beauties in competition for the coveted Miss Universe 2010 crown. And yes, all those "Web Previews" giving hints of some of the CRAZEEE costumes that the ladies were going to bring...came true!
Miss Belgium Cilou Annys did end up wearing her "Tennis Ensemble" as I predicted (Is Tennis HUGE in Belgium?)...
And Miss Venezuela, Marelisa Gibson, wore her Oversized Swarovski mirrored crystal-encrusted jumpsuit inspired by the Abra Solar public sculpture located in her homeland
Miss Japan, Maiko Itai WORKED IT overtime, with her Geisha Barbie Doll-like Queen Costume, which included an over-sized fan (I need one of those!)--she definitely gets high points for "Best Costume" from moi...Speaking of Oversized:
Take a look at Miss Kazakhstan, Assel Kuchokova's traditional costume--and especially that headdress! I think she's not far behind Miss Japan in the "Girl You Worked It Out!" Best Costume Category
Also going "somewhat" traditional is Miss Philippines (a favorite for the crown), Venus Raj (love that name!) in her Manton de Manila-inspired costume...
I also loved Miss Switzerland, Linda Fah Warrior Princess Costume, especially that over-sized shield! Just wondering what the "Swiss Warrior Princess" would be protecting: Sketchy Tax-Free Multi-Billionaire Bank Accounts?
On the "Oh No You Didn't Corner", we have Miss Guyana, Tamika Henry. Either the Miss Guyana Organization had NO BUDGET to outfit her with a costume, or she just felt inspired to be a Hoochie Cougar From the Guyana Jungle. Great body. Wrong Costume.
Finally, the Sympathy Award for Best Costume goes to Miss Haiti, Sarodj Bertin and her very symbolic "Ode To Haiti" costume, featuring the national flag, photos and red roses. I'm sure when she stepped out the crowd went into a mutual "Awwwwwww!!!!!" and standing ovation! How do you say "You Go Girl!" en Creole?

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Charles Balogh said...

Perhaps, Miss USA is vying for the role of Wonder Woman if it is ever cast! Hot stuff!