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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Recap: Episode 2


A Motley Crew: Season 8 Designers await their Second Challenge Ahh yes, my Project Runway Recaps continue.... and making clothes is hard work. And doing a dress for a Marie Claire Times Square Billboard even harder, as well as very emotional, as we saw from last night.
Highlights from the first "official" Season 8 Challenge included: *Emotion Overload: Mondo crying, AJ crying, Nicholas crying (what's with all the crying so early on???)
*Working Disagreements: Nina's boss saying she never agrees with Nina (Can you say awkward!) *No Schooling: Casanova asking for pattern help...from all people AJ??? (you KNOW "FIDM Instructor Nick" had a thing or two to say about that)*Safety Pinning is the NEW Stapleling: Oh Miss Jason Troisi...On that note... *Did I Tell You I am STRAIGHT:
Jason had to remind the entire nation--yet once again--that he was a straight designer AND even used it as a "Awwww shucks give me a break" excuse... (See ya...wouldn't wanna be ya!) and BTW: Why does Jason remind me of Dr. 90210's Robert Rey? Just a little bit... *And of course, the dreaded DOUBLE ELIMINATION came true!!!
Below is a teaser for Project Runway Blog... “You’re Either IN-finity…Or Your OUT!” Hi Project Runway kiddies! I am finally back from my trip to Europe. A little bit jet lagged, but back! What better way to snap me out of my “Why am I waking up at 4 AM ready to start my day” time-clock than watching my favorite show. There’s nothing I love more than seeing Straight designers remind me that they are Straight (and that safety pinning is their form of “construction”), watching Tim lower his glasses one more time, see so-called designers ask for pattern and styling help, and seeing judge Nina Garcia have an awkward moment with her boss, Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire. May I begin?..... Click HERE to continue reading my entire recap of Episode 2!

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