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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2010 Preliminary Evening Gowns

Gownfabulous! The Miss Universe 2010 Pageant is happening, as I type, in Las Vegas. With 83 contestants arriving last Monday from all over the World, joining in on the two-week festivities, photo op's, parties, and competitions, that lead up to the Final Live Telecast Monday August 23rd. As a beauty pageant fan (there, I "came out'!), this is a fun time for me. It is like Awards Season! Last week, I took a look at some proposed National Costumes that the international beauties might be wearing for the competition and finals. Now it is time for some Evening Gown Watchin'! The photos are up on the web of the gorgeous ladies in their evening gowns and you just KNOW that I have my "Nick Verreos Two Cents" to give. Now, realize that these might not be the actual gowns they will wear on the final night (most of the beauties bring SEVERAL gown choices and wear a different one on the final night), but still it gives us a chance to: A) See their taste level in evening gowns and more importantly, B) See the Good and the "Oh Dear, What Was She Thinking?!" Let's Begin With The Good:
Miss Albania and Miss Canada
*Miss Albania's dress is my favorite dress from all the preview photos. It has everything you would want in a gown: Elegance, sexiness and it looks expensive!! The color and beading is perfect for the Miss Universe Pageant and everything about it looks very modern. She looks gorgeous and her sexy come-hither pose is just right in the photo. *Miss Canada also gets it right in this strapless creme and gold gown. Of course it wouldn't be a pageant without a slit up to your waist, but the the rest of the gown is elegant enough to carry it off. The beaded/print detail at the hem looks unique and intriguing. This gown in a shocking PINK or Turquoise might not look as elegant, and in fact would look more "Mrs. Tennessee" and less Miss Canada Universe.
Miss India and Miss Spain
Miss India is giving you Grecian Goddess DIVA!! I even love the beaded shoulder detail. The color is an interesting choice but I could probably do without the headband, although she definitely is "serving it up"!!! She gets a good 9.10 from me! I give Miss Spain "Nick Points" for keeping it elegant and wearing a gown that you might see on Spanish Royalty--very Princess Letizia of Asturias. Although the color might not be my favorite choice the gown is beautifully made and I love the Spanish Lace detailing on the bust. Runner Ups:
Miss Kosovo and Miss Turkey
*Miss Kosovo and Miss Turkey both chose "all over" beaded gowns which is a HOT TREND in Evening Gowns. Miss Kosovo looks amazing from the back (although I am not too sure about the backwards necklace) but I will have to reserve my complete opinion until I am able to see the front of the dress. *I like the slithering silhouette of Miss Turkey's fire-red sequined gown, just not sure about the crushed velvet high-cowl neckline. It should have been silk charmeuse or maybe the same red sequin material. Also, bring that neckline down huney, she's too covered up! The "Giving You FASHION!" Award goes to:
Miss Thailand and Miss Georgia
*COUTURE darlings!! Miss Thailand's gown is VERY Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2010. It's VERY close to one of the gowns from that collection. It is either an Elie Saab or a very good Knock-Off. I am sure that "traditional" pageant fans might HATE this gown but as a Designer, I love it's voracity, intricate detail and again, that obvious nob to Paris Haute Couture. Go on Miss Thailand! Work it OUT! *Miss Georgia gets my "Fashion Points" because of her choice for this BOLD metallic heavily sequined shoulder-covering gown. If you follow the runway trends from both Pret-a-Porter and Haute Couture, it is all about strong defined--even Exaggerated--shoulders. So, she is on-point with that. But then of course, she's gotta add the "Pageant Slit"! Worst Dresses:
Miss Belgium and Miss Aruba
*Miss Belgium: Two words: Oh Dear! The color is awful, that side opening is awful, the styling is awful. Well, you get it. It just looks cheap. she's like a Mail Order Bride from some obscure Eastern European country. Hope she doesn't wear this on the final night, she's too pretty! *Miss Aruba: Really Aruba? I want to know what "red carpet" event she's going to in this, where she is not going to be ripped to shreds by the "fashion police". I understand that she represents Aruba, a Caribbean island so there's a little bit of Island Spirit in this gown (if you would call it A GOWN!). Did the designer run out of floral-printed chiffon and therefore the BIG missing space?
Miss Peru and Miss Denmark
These two ladies are giving you Transparent. And I'm not sure that's such a good idea... *Miss Peru: She's GORGEOUS!! But all I can focus on is her you-know-what--and if it is showing! Who made this gown decision?! I actually like the silver/white almost "Space-age" fabric but why not a lining Miss Peru? *Miss Denmark: OK, this is NOT a gown but a negligee! I'm waiting for her to have a box of Godiva Chocolates and a glass of red wine and she's calling it a night! And BLACK PUMPS??? Really? No.
Miss Ireland and Miss Panama
*Miss Ireland: One of the prettiest contestants at this year's Miss Universe 2010 and actually a favorite to take the crown. But not in this gown! The organza over-sized rosette right on her bust looks like a target. I love it when Marchesa does it, but not here darling. But let's just talk about her PANTIES!!! Seriously, she took the "Pageant Slit" to a whole other level. Why? Why? Why? Is the skirt detachable and then she's going to do a dance number only in her leotard/panties? *Miss Panama: Oh darling. Blessed is the 19 year old "fashion student" who made this for you (I'm assuming since that is what it looks like!). Either that or now we know what Cassanova has been up to since Project Runway. The color, the cheap-looking flower petal details, the cha-cha silhouette. Oh what would Nina Garcia and Michael Kors say about this one?
Miss Romania and Miss Norway
These two ladies have themes going on with their gowns and well, I'm not sure I am enjoying the themes. *Miss Romania is giving you animal a LINING!!! Contrast Animal Print Lining are Four Words I don't EVER wanna see used in one sentence! *And then the exotic Miss Norway (who's stunning!) looks like she's going to The Renaissance Faire! Or playing Lady Macbeth at the Oslo Dinner Theater. Now, I spoke of girls who might be showing too much (Miss Ireland, Miss Peru) but here's a case where she's too covered up! Finally, Most Disappointing:
Miss Venezuela and Miss USA
I LOVE these two ladies. Since I grew up in Venezuela, I have--and will always have a personal affinity to the Venezuelan beauties and I am a big fan of Miss USA 2010, Rima Fakih but I was, as Michael Kors would say "underwhelmed" by their choices for these "Preview Gowns". *I do like the contrast of the black and the ivory-creme in Miss Venezuela's gown , and the fit (especially at the bust and torso is exquisite) but it just doesn't scream "Miss Venezuela" the way that I would expect (you know she is "busting out" with a completely different gown for the Finals!). *And finally, I was disappointed with Miss USA's slinky black gown in this photo. Rima is such an exotic beauty that I think I would have chosen a lighter color. It's just too strong for her and it ages her. It looks as if it fits beautifully and shows her amazing figure, I am just hoping she wears something a bit more dynamic for the finals. We'll just have to wait and see..... Stay tuned for the Miss Universe Pageant on Monday August 23rd! You know I'll be watching and have much more to say!!!!

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jjfanery6 said...

What about Miss Colombia dress?

Anonymous said...

Miss Trinidad and Tobago is actually wearing a Project Runway gown from Emilio Sosa. What did you think of her?