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FIDM.....The Rockettes and Nick Verreos at FIDM

Swarovski Crystals, Erte, Vincente Minnelli, Gorgeous Gams... and High Kicks!
Salutin' Soldier: Nick Verreos and "Wooden Soldier Rockette", Laura Danelski (photo courtesy of Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
Last week I had the FABULOUS opportunity to be the Master of Ceremonies welcoming the World Famous Rockettes to Downtown Los Angeles, and specifically, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM.
Fashion Spectacular: Nick Verreos flanked by The Rockettes, FIDM Los Angeles
(photo courtesy of Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
The Rockettes are on their Kick Across America tour promoting their Christmas Spectacular Show and they decided to make a very special stop at FIDM, and I was invited to be the Host with The Most, naturally, being that I am a FIDM Instructor as well as the FIDM Spokesperson Extraordinaire (and a lover of all things Musical Theater and Sequins!). I made sure to put on my best RED jacket, multi-colored pocket scarf (to match the ladies Christmas Spectacular Color Scheme) and get ready to meet the lovely high-kicking ladies.
Let Me See Your Muslin: Nick Verreos looks at the inspiration for Chairing Styles designer Ralph Prado, FIDM (photo courtesy of Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
The event, appropriately titled "Kick With Nick" , was to occur at the adjacent Grand Hope Park. But first, there was an exclusive Workshop at FIDM, where the Debut (Advanced Fashion Design), Chairing Styles as well as Advanced Theater Costume students--and invited media--got a private and close up demonstration on the Art of designing for the Musical Theater and specialty costumes. The Rockettes brought several costumes and described in depth all their corresponding details.
X-Mas Happy: Nick Verreos and The Rockettes, FIDM (Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
I was SO EXCITED to host The Rockettes that I could barely contain myself upon meeting them. They were UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous. First they discussed their Christmas Spectacular ensembles which they arrived in: Red and ivory "Candy Cane" costumes with gold "flutter skirts"--all boned and corseted within an inch of their toned lives...
Costume Changes: Nick Verreos and The Rockettes, in various costumes (Photo courtesy of Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
Afterward, one of them went into the dressing room and came out in the Wooden Soldier Costume, designed by the one and only Vincente Minelli (Liza Minelli's father and Judy Garland's husband for you kiddies who are too young!).
What Side Seam: Nick Verreos points out the details on the "Let It Shine" Costume on Traci Reszetylo (Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
Then, another one changed into the Let It Shine Costume featuring over 3,000 Swarovski crystals! Here I am pointing at how the "print" of the crystal-encrusted design miters(matches) and you can barely see a side seam: Theater Couture Darlings!
Is That Cher? Nick Verreos and Rockette Alyssa Epstein, FIDM (Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
Finally, we got to see the Gershwin Royal Blue Tiered Skirt Costume designed by the great Erte ! Layers of iridescent organza, lots of crystals and blue & white feathers made for a FAB conclusion to this exclusive FIDM Rockettes Workshop. I LOVED how Rockette Alyssa Epstein reminded me of Cher (and I told her so!). Now it was time for the "High Kick With Nick" at Grand Hope Park at FIDM:
(Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
FIDM welcomed The Rockettes in STYLE (see above photo) Yes, I brought along 24 fabulous ladies, decked out in black Top Hat ensembles, with signs!
High Kicking: Nick Verreos and The Rockettes high kick it (Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
I then got a quick lesson in "How To High Kick It, Rockettes Style" right there and then, in front of about 300 people, who came out for this very special event. Thank Goodness my black Zara pants had stretch in them (a little bit!) and that I wore my YSL Johnny Boots.
Follow Me Downtown Los Angeles: Nick Verreos and The Rockettes lead attendees into a High Kick Lesson, Grand Hope Park/FIDM (Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
But of course, I wasn't the only one to look like a High-Kicking Fool: I got the help of five audience members who came up to the stage and got their "High Kick" lesson from The Rockettes. And truth be told, they did REALLY WELL.
Nick Verreos, KNBC Reporter Cary Berglund and The Rockettes, FIDM (Alex J. Berliner © Berliner Photography/BEImages)
It was a FABULOUS event and I was so ecstatic to have finally met The Rockettes, got to see their costumes up close and personal, and even got a lesson on how to High Kick It! I look forward to more High Kicks with The Rockettes. Those ladies...and their costumes were AMAZING! *We even made it on the 5 o'clock news on KNBC Los Angeles: Click HERE for the video!!! *Click HERE for a fun photo an article from Los Angeles Downtown News. *Click HERE for more fun photos from

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